This isn’t a post to get into the whys and wherefores of the Ched Evans retrial, or the subsequent acquittal and not guilty verdict.

(for anyone not familiar, or not in the UK, Evans is a footballer who was accused of, and jailed for, raping a drunk teenager in a hotel room. He has been in prison since, but appealed and has now been found not guilty)

If you want to read more about the background to the retrial, the Guardian does a pretty good job of outlining some of the very questionable methods used in the “justice” system.

But this post is about something different. I just want to put this out there as an example of everyday sexism, vileness and male entitlement that exists on social media.

I shared this tweet following the not guilty verdict. I stand by it.


My tweet was picked up by a complete stranger, who wanted to get into conversation.


He’s entitled to his opinion, as I am to mine.

What he isn’t entitled to is to say things like this:


I appreciate that social media – especially Twitter – is a platform for people to express their opinion. I respect that. I don’t think everyone should agree with me, and discussion and debate is healthy.

What isn’t healthy is the growing trend for strangers to be rude, aggressive and threatening to people because their opinions differ. This isn’t an “I think you’re wrong and here’s why” response. This is an “I’m trying to intimidate you and threaten you and make you feel like rubbish” response.

Why? What possible enjoyment can this lowlife have got from being an obnoxious, vile, ignorant person?

Not content with that, he expanded his hatred further:


Now, if not wanting to be raped makes me a feminist then yep, guilty as charged. That would also make every woman on the planet a feminist.

And why is that such a bad thing? Why is it used as a dirty word to insult women who care about themselves, each other, and women’s issues?

I love social media, with a passion. I think it’s amazing for connecting people – friends and strangers alike. But I also believe it’s contributing massively to a decline in society, attitudes and morals. There is no excuse for belittling sexual abuse or sexual abuse victims, or using rape as a threat or, more disturbingly as is the case here, a measure of attractiveness. Bonehead is trying to tell me I’m not attractive enough to be raped. Well, thank fuck for that, eh?

It’s alarming that people feel suitably empowered to say such disgusting things without fear of recrimination. That they’re willing to put their face to a level of vitriol they would probably never say in a face to face conversation.

And it’s alarming that the social media generation will grow up seeing such behaviour and believing it’s acceptable.

Thanks, as always, for reading. x


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        • Seriously though, what’s the “word on the street” where you are? (and where are you?)

          I’m worried it’s going to be like Brexit, where we were all a little bit scared but thought sense would prevail, and then the nutjobs edged it at the final post.

          • I am in Canada and am so so so SO grateful to be here. We view this as the most bizarre, inexplicable circus ever. Generally, we comfort ourselves with the polls that seem to show HC as winning, and hope for the best. Because DT is repulsive and scary.

            We follow it fairly closely, and as a country, tend to always side more with the Democrate candidate, so I can’t tell how much of that bias is polluting what we read.

          • I read that Google searches on moving to Canada from America have increased massively! You might end up with a whole heap of new playmates!

            On a (slightly) different note, Justin Trudeau comes across as such a great guy. Exactly what modern day politics need. UK politics aren’t great either, let’s hope his example spreads worldwide.

          • Honestly, he isnt that bad. He can be a bit of a celebrity bimbo, but in general, yeah, he is a good fit for our predominantly liberal country. Remains to be seen how he handles the economy (which obviously is a hugely important issue, but is too early to tell if he is succeeding or not. This is honestly the only aspect of his government that is divisive), but overall the Canadian values of tolerance, respect, and fairness are well represented by him, and that is something that makes us proud.

  1. You could tell the level of twatdom as soon as he used ‘there’ instead of ‘their’. Mega twat. I am a strong believer that natural selection is still going strong and this one’s not long for extinction!

  2. Wow. I find it so sad and sickening people make such low comments. You are beautiful, despite his pig like comment and as women, we have every right to be angered that rape isn’t taken seriously. X


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