DAYS OUT: 100 years of the RAF at Cosford Airshow

RAF Cosford hosts a huge airshow at their base in Shropshire every year, but this year's was bigger than ever as it celebrates the 100 year anniversary of the RAF. It fell on the weekend following my Mother in Law's birthday and, as she loves flying and planes (she always says she wishes she'd have … Continue reading DAYS OUT: 100 years of the RAF at Cosford Airshow


Friday Feeling [33] – Come on Russia!

I'm not into football at all but this is a World Cup related post. Don't worry though, it's not about the actual tournament, and it's certainly not in support of Russia. Well, not in the traditional sense anyway... All this media and public excitement about the players, the opening ceremony and the matches seems to … Continue reading Friday Feeling [33] – Come on Russia!

A visit to Wollerton Hall Gardens

Ever since my garden has become my new favourite thing, it's fair to say I'm obsessed with all things horticultural. I spend at least one lunchtime each week in the garden centre, I like nothing more than potting up pretty plants for my patio and I've started collecting shrubs for my newly cleared borders which … Continue reading A visit to Wollerton Hall Gardens

Good things are happening…

Anyone else feeling slightly buoyed by the good results of the last couple of weeks? Ireland overwhelmingly voted to Repeal the 8th amendment, meaning that women across the country have choice and freedom when it comes to their bodies and their pregnancies. It was positive to see the breakdown of voting numbers, and that people … Continue reading Good things are happening…

Friday Feeling [32] – who you gonna call? Gay Bar!

We'd all like to think that we'd instinctively know what to say or do if a family member shared something important with us, but it's not always the case. Sometimes we might need advice from a third party. It's not very often, though, that the third party would be a gay bar! This story is … Continue reading Friday Feeling [32] – who you gonna call? Gay Bar!