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#280 characters

So Twitter have announced they’re going to double the length of characters to be used in each tweet, from the current 140 to a whopping 280.

Twitter logo

Apparently it’s for the benefit of people who’s languages are more verbose. Which is fair enough – I mean have you ever seen some German words?

Personally I can’t really get on board with Twitter. I just don’t find it that engaging. Twitter users from the blogging community tend to be quite cliquey (controversial, I know) and I see a lot of ass kissing and bullshit on there that I just don’t find necessary or want to partake in. A lot of people use it to say the most inane stuff, which just seems pointless to me. And I think you need to use it pretty much constantly through the day to build up a real rapport and following.

I’m so negative, maybe I’m the problem!

Obviously from a work point of view I use Twitter a lot more, and the increased Tweet size will be useful, but I think the beauty of Twitter has always been it’s bite size nature; you can scroll through the screen and skim read 140 characters pretty quickly, whereas something longer requires more digestion and concentration. It will be interesting to see how it works out, and if it sticks.

What do you think?

On the off chance that you want to follow me in spite of my moaning and protestations, you can find me on Twitter here!

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Lies, damn lies and politics – Donald Trump is at it again

Donald Trump, 2016 election campaign: “Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you…”

Donald Trump, July 2017: “…the United States Government will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. [It] cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.”

I mean, it shouldn’t be a surprise that a politician told lies to get elected, but this is a pretty huge deal and a downright disgrace.

It’s difficult to tell, these days, whether Trump:

a) realises he’s out of his depth and is making wild decisions in the hope that he’ll get impeached

b) hates Obama so much that he’s just trying to repeal as much as possible that was passed under his Presidency

c) really is just an absolutely bonkers, narcissistic misogynist who hates anyone that isn’t like him, and belongs back in the dark ages

I could go on and on about why this is a bad decision. About how transgender people have as much right to serve in the military as people born in their correct gender. About how the training and selection process to get admitted to the military is so tough that what really counts is your physical and mental strength and resilience. About how I’m sure Trump wouldn’t care about the gender orientation of any member of the military were they protecting him from an assassination attempt (how come no-one’s tried that yet, by the way?)

I could point out that transgender people aren’t a burden to anyone; that the burden they carry is being born in the wrong body and that they’re more of a danger to themselves if they have to stay in that body, and more of an asset to society if they can be who they truly are. I could point out that anyone who has the heart and soul to defend their country and put their life on the line should be welcomed with open arms, regardless of what is or isn’t between their legs or on their birth certificate. I could point out that this is 2017 and America is supposed to be a progressive country, as well as being the land of the free.

But I won’t. Because most sane and rational people know that, right? And if you’re reading this blog you too must be a sane and rational person! ūüėČ

I’ll just leave you with this, from Twitter, instead.

James Corden tweet

Which I thought was so brilliant in it’s delivery, as well as being so powerful coming from a celebrity with a lot of followers and therefore a degree of influence (not enough influence¬†to topple the hairy tangerine, unfortunately).

Bravo James Corden, bravo. And a big fat raspberry to President Fart, followed up with a punch on the nose.

Transgender people Рknow that many of us in the world stand with you, and we admire your strength against adversity; today and everyday.

Thanks, as always, for reading. x


I love you, but…

I don’t know about you, but my social media newsfeed has a lot of people bemoaning the state of the world, the state of politics, putting each other down, putting women down, denouncing feminism and generally just being pretty grotty to each other.

I mean, there is the odd ray of light, but things generally seem pretty bleak right now.

(and I’m aware that I have contributed to afore mentioned misery, before anyone accuses me of hypocrisy!)

So I thought I’d lighten the mood with this article which collates some of the best tweets about marriage/relationships from last year. I can identify with some of them a lot (not saying which ones though, the husband reads this!) but I will admit that the very first one, about the husband not being able to find anything, is probably the bane of my homelife.


The husband can’t look properly. He can only manscan. If there’s something in front of an item he’s looking for, like mustard in front of pepper in the cupboard¬†at mealtime, or a shirt tucked slightly behind another t-shirt in his wardrobe, then it OBVIOUSLY ISN’T WHERE IT SHOULD BE. And guess who’s fault that is? Yep, mine. And guess who has to go and find it, if only to prove him wrong? Yep, me!

Anyway, have a read and have a giggle and let me know if you agree with any of them (or what you would tweet about!)

Also, do point me in the direction of any bright and breezy blog posts you’ve written lately to make me smile!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


National Pothole Day?! TWITS!

I haven’t done a Twit of the Day for ages, but this one just screams to be shared!

These days there’s a national day for everything. It used to just be things like Mothers Day, Saints Days and a special day for that Jesus fella, but nowadays every day is a something day!

Case in point – according to the trending hashtags on Twitter, today is National Pothole Day.



Why on earth would you need a day for potholes? What are we doing on this day? Thinking of potholes? Celebrating potholes? Adopting a pothole?

Ridiculous, is what it is. Councils should be thinking of (and doing something about) potholes all year round. Not just on one day.

Whoever came up with this is my Twit of the Day!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


The bad end of the Twittersphere – the Ched Evans rape case retrial

This isn’t a post to get into the whys and wherefores of the Ched Evans retrial, or the subsequent acquittal and not guilty verdict.

(for anyone not familiar, or not in the UK, Evans is a footballer who was accused of, and jailed for, raping a drunk teenager in a hotel room. He has been in prison since, but appealed and has now been found not guilty)

If you want to read more about the background to the retrial, the Guardian does a pretty good job of outlining some of the very questionable methods used in the “justice” system.

But this post is about something different. I just want to put this out there as an example of everyday sexism, vileness and male entitlement that exists on social media.

I shared this tweet following the not guilty verdict. I stand by it.


My tweet was picked up by a complete stranger, who wanted to get into conversation.


He’s entitled to his opinion, as I am to mine.

What he isn’t entitled to is to say things like this:


I appreciate that social media – especially Twitter – is a platform for people to express their opinion. I respect that. I don’t think everyone should agree with me, and discussion and debate is healthy.

What isn’t healthy is the growing trend for strangers to be rude, aggressive and threatening to people because their opinions differ. This isn’t an “I think you’re wrong and here’s why” response. This is an “I’m trying to intimidate you and threaten you and make you feel like rubbish” response.

Why? What possible enjoyment can this lowlife have got from being an obnoxious, vile, ignorant person?

Not content with that, he expanded his hatred further:


Now, if not wanting to be raped makes me a feminist then yep, guilty as charged. That would also make every woman on the planet a feminist.

And why is that such a bad thing? Why is it used as a dirty word to insult women who care about themselves, each other, and women’s issues?

I love social media, with a passion. I think it’s amazing for connecting people – friends and strangers alike. But I also believe it’s contributing massively to a decline in society, attitudes and morals. There is no¬†excuse for belittling sexual abuse or¬†sexual abuse victims, or using rape as a threat or, more disturbingly as is the case here, a measure of attractiveness. Bonehead is trying to tell me I’m not attractive enough to be raped. Well, thank fuck for that, eh?

It’s alarming that people feel suitably empowered to say such disgusting things without fear of recrimination. That they’re willing to put their face to a level of vitriol they would probably never say in a face to face conversation.

And it’s alarming that the social media generation will grow up seeing such behaviour and believing it’s acceptable.

Thanks, as always, for reading. x


Twitter chat #latenightbloggers

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read, like or comment on yesterday’s post. It’s astounding how kind words and actions from people you’ve never met can have a profound impact. And whilst it’s awful to think of anyone going through the physical and emotional pain I feel, it’s comforting to know I’m not alone. I know that people will be what get me through the rest of Dad’s illness, and when he’s not here anymore. And it’s more than I can say I’ve had from some so called friends. So thank you again.

On the subject of talking to strangers on the internet, today I want to give a little plug to a Twitter chat I get involved in on Wednesday nights. I’m a relative newbie to Twitter, having only had an account for just over a year. I always said I didn’t “get” Twitter, but then started a job where social media comes under my remit so I figured I’d better get involved! Sometimes it feels very much like talking to yourself, and it bugs the bejesus out of me when you reply to a tweet from a more established blogger and they don’t acknowledge it (I’m not talking millions of followers here, where they wouldn’t see your message, just those who are relatively popular but seem to have an inflated sense of self importance). I think basic manners should apply everywhere; in real life or the virtual world. Anyway, that’s a rant for another day…

Back to Twitter chats. Many of them are so large and well established, with the same ol’ people talking to each other, that it can feel difficult or pointless to get involved. Plus the timings often aren’t great for me – I might be driving home from work or sleeping in (hello weekend!) But when Tina from TeaisforTina started her #latenightbloggers chat, it was a great fit.

Late Night Bloggers

Taking place between 9pm and 10pm on a Wednesday, it’s fairly small as it’s fairly new, everyone is incredibly friendly and chatty, plus Tina really makes an effort to include everyone, reply to tweets and retweet. She’s also a blog sweetie too, and always drops by with some nice words and comments.

Topics so far have covered a range of things from shopping to photography to last week’s confidence subject (which was very eye opening I think, certainly from a personal point of view) and it really feels like what you have to say matters.

This week’s subject is superpowers and superheroes! I’m not too sure how much I’ll have to contribute on that one, but I’ll be joining anyway to say hello to the lovely ladies (and occasional gent) who take time out of their day to contribute.

So, if you’re looking for a friendly, down to earth, engaging and not overwhelming Twitter chat and you’re free at 9pm on Wednesdays, why not get involved? Just search for #latenightbloggers for all the details and to catch up on previous topics (oh, and it’s not just for bloggers, anyone can join in).

You can also follow the LateNightBloggers account on Twitter here.

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


The Girl Gang!

See that new badge that’s appeared on the right? Want to know what it’s all about?

Recently on Twitter I’ve been spotting a hashtag (#TheGirlGang) on some tweets of people I follow, and being the nosy type I wanted to see what it was all about.

It’s a gorgeously lovely concept created by Jemma who blogs at Dorkface to basically promote positivity, support and niceness.

How great is that?!

Despite the name, it’s not just for girls! Or just for bloggers. In fact there aren’t any limitations apart from being nice to each other. Which really isn’t difficult at all (unless you’re a big ol’ meanie).

So I joined up, simply by registering on Jemma’s site, and I just received my first newsletter (from which I sneakily pinched the image below, which Jemma created because that’s something else she’s really good at too!)

The Girl Gang

If you’re interested to find out more, Jemma has created an FAQ including details of how to join and what to expect. Check it out!

Thanks, as always, for reading!


Twit(ter) of the Day award

Sometimes I think that people should be made to take an entrance exam
before they use the internet. Maybe an intelligence test. Certainly

Yesterday I responded to a tweet from our local village forum that said
cycle lanes have been planned on the main road, which means double
yellow lines will be introduced, which will mean the loss of much
needed parking. The residential roads nearby are already overcrowded
with cars – often from people who are just visiting the area – and if
this plan comes into force people may have to park their cars half a
mile away from their home.

Even though this doesn’t personally affect me as I don’t live in the
centre, I think it’s a bad idea. I don’t think it’s fair that someone
would buy a house with an expectation of parking and then that parking
would be taken away. It’s like if you buy a house with a view and then
someone builds a bigger house in front of it. The view doesn’t
“belong” to you, but you’d be pretty peeved.

Anyway, there were a few exchanges of tweets with a pro-cyclist and
myself and another local and that was that.

Or so I thought.

Many hours later an individual unknown to me pops up and, with no
preamble or escalation of conversation, tweets this at me!

Twitter screenshot

Say what??

I was pretty flabbergasted!
a) to be accused of being racist
b) at the ridiculous comparison between cyclists and ethnicity
c) at the barrage of abuse that continued!

Oh yes, said individual didn’t leave it there. Apparently calling me
racist wasn’t enough!

Twitter screenshot 1

Hang on, there’s more!

Twitter screenshot 2

And then he added me a to a list called “cyclophobes”! He’s going to
be pretty disappointed, because I mainly tweet about food, my blog and
pretty clothes.

The internet; giving stupid people a platform to promote idiocy with
no recourse.

Absolute “Twit of the Day”


The phone phenomenon

Last week I read this article in Stylist magazine. And it really resonated with me, as I’m sure it does for a lot of people.

I’m hugely guilty of mindlessly flicking through my phone most nights, not with any real purpose, but just because it’s there. I’ll play a couple of rounds of Candy Crush (don’t judge me!), look up TV characters on Wikipedia while we’re watching a show, or scroll through Twitter activity. I keep promising myself that I will take my focus away from this mindless behaviour and do something more constructive, like read a book, but it rarely happens.

Even if we’re watching a film, I can never fully immerse myself and concentrate if my phone is on the sofa next to me. I get twitchy. I should probably just banish it to another room.

I’m not glued to my phone, but I do use it as a crutch – if we’re in a pub and I’m sitting on my own while someone’s at the bar, for example. And that’s just normal behaviour now I think.

One place I do totally switch off is on holiday, yet only when I’m abroad, weirdly. It used to be because the cost of using internet was so prohibitively expensive, but now it’s because of that feeling of getting away, being totally separate from everyday life, and not knowing what inane crap is going on in the real world. I relish it. I actually get quite cross with people who are very socially active during holidays. Get out there and live it people! Upload your photos when you get home. We’ll all survive if we don’t see your hotdog legs/roman ruins/swimming with dolphins pictures within a minute of it happening. The news that Mount Fuji is to get a WiFi signal because people are disgruntled that they can’t immediately upload selfies when they reach the summit is ridiculous. You’ve just conquered a mountain. Breathe in the air, check out the view. Don’t start pouting and posing and making sure you look your best for your audience at home.

Admittedly, for some reason on breaks in the UK, I do dip in and out of social media and emails. I have no explanation. Maybe it’s because they’re usually just a couple of days (I don’t know why that would make a difference). Maybe it’s because, geographically, you don’t feel as far away and therefore not as removed and switched off. Maybe I’m just a hypocrite.

However, whilst in Wales this weekend the signal was so intermittent that I hardly bothered. And it was liberating. Knowing that I couldn’t use my phone was so much easier than making a decision not to use it. Although on the odd occasion the signal did reappear I felt compelled to check in, just in case (of what, I’m not sure!)

Anyway, I’m going to try and make a change. Ditch the phone and be more productive. Now let me just go and check my texts…


Twit of the Day…EE

Actually it’s more about greed, and poor customer service. Which I suppose is pretty twit-ish, when you consider that it’s supposed to be customer service.

I’ve had my new mobile for just over 3 months, and for the past two days it won’t charge properly. I know it’s a problem with the phone as I’ve tried multiple chargers.

So I phoned EE customer service, to receive the standard message that they’re very busy ad it may take a while to answer my call. Yada yada yada. But then, a message that says my call can be put in a priority queue if I pay 50 pence. What? I now have to pay for decent customer service? What happens if everyone who calls pays that 50 pence charge and gets put to the front? Will my call ever get answered?

And then, when I do get through, I’m told that I can either claim on my insurance any pay my excess (er, no) or they’ll give me the number for Samsung and I can take it up with them (er, no) or I can opt for loan and repair, but I need to go into a shop to arrange that. Not easy when I work full time.

Pretty useless really.

So I tweet EE with my displeasure about their consumerist rob dogging 50 pence charge, and (to be fair to them) they tweet me back to say sorry I’m not happy and is there anything they can do to help? So I say yes, you could give me a viable option for fixing my phone as it’s not my fault???



So, EE, you’re a bunch of twits. Who I’m stuck with for 21 months due to being on a 2 year contract. Screw you!