Life, lately

Hey! It’s been a while. I can’t believe I used to blog a regularly as I did – sometimes every day! Where did I find the time or things to talk about? I thought a chatty catch up might be a good way to get back into things, and hopefully it won’t be another two months until my next post!

I hope that anyone reading this is in a good physical and mental place right now. The onset of better weather has, as usual, put me in a much brighter mood and made me a nicer person. I say it every summer, but I really should live in warmer and sunnier climes to stop me from being a grumpy cow for at least half of the year.

Eating out is BACK!

The most recent change of lockdown rules back in mid May means I’ve actually been out. It’s been SO NICE. On the first day of restaurants opening up, on the 17th, I was at my favourite place – the Moroccan restaurant at the top of my road – bang on 7pm and all prepared for a full 3 courses (and I knew in advance what they would be!) Since then we’ve had pub food, pub drinks with a friend, Sunday lunch and more restaurant outings. Just knowing that places are open is such a good feeling.

Being at home is still GOOD!

My garden has been my favourite place to be though. The drinks are stronger and cheaper than any pub. Cheap is good considering how much money I’ve spent on plants and bits for the garden. That said, I don’t begrudge a penny. It looks so pretty and gives me so much joy (middle aged or what?!)

New for this year is our garden rug (hated by the husband), hanging baskets and multi coloured lanterns (that I actually bought the year we moved in – a whole 4 years ago now – and never found a home for) on bird feeder poles, and we’ve painted the shed (which I didn’t think was necessary as I liked the old colour, but I agree it looks so much nicer now). The bunting is new too – it’s made of hessian so doesn’t make annoying flappy noises in the wind!

There are new brightly coloured plant pots (every year I say I don’t need anymore, but somehow find that I always do!)…

…and a couple of project pieces that I’ll post about separately when they’re completed. Oh, and new solar lights, always, including these rather cute rainbows!

Office life SUCKS!

Working from home has now become the norm; I don’t struggle with it knowing that I can pop to the shops in my lunchbreak or go to the pub or out for dinner after a day stuck at home. It fits in with my lifestyle as I can put the washer on in a quick break between meetings, or roast a chicken mid week, or take deliveries from the postie rather than having to go to the collection office after work. Just silly things that make a difference and get me some time back, you know? I think many people have got used to it now; if the results of our recent employee survey are anything to go by, hardly anyone in my department wants to go back to the office permanently!

Campervan trips ROCK!

We’ve also been booking and going on holidays too! In June we took our first campervan trip of the year to Somerset for the husband’s birthday.

Then we were in Newquay and Hayle, in Cornwall early July.

This was a big deal as a) I’d never been to that part of Cornwall (exciting!), b) we spent 7 whole nights in our van – the longest break so far and c) the trip was a 2 destination one, which meant unpacking, setting up and repacking more than once. Eek!

We’ve decided we’re not even going to try to go overseas this year, so once again the camper will be our saviour, with more trips to come over the summer. I can’t get enough…!

What has everyone else been up to? Let me know in the comments.