When news filtered through yesterday that Theresa May was going to make an unscheduled public announcement, theories included that she was stepping down from office due to health reasons, that the Queen or Prince Phillip had died or – my personal tongue in cheek favourite from our office – that she was pregnant!

It couldn’t be that she was announcing a General Election. After all, she said when she took on the role of Prime Minister that there wouldn’t be an election until 2020.

General election 2017

Then again, David Cameron said he wouldn’t resign if the country voted to leave the EU (he did).

And the Vote Leave campaign promised an extra £350 million a week to the NHS if we left the EU (then backtracked).

So, politicians lie. Who knew?!

Back to the impending General Election. I’m reading a lot of people who think this is a really good tactical move from Theresa May and her advisors. Opinion polls show that the Conservatives are way ahead of any of the opposition parties, so it seems like winning is a foregone conclusion, and that will answer any of the naysayers who argue that Mrs May is only in power by default, rather than by the people’s will (having inherited the job when David Cameron resigned). The cynic in me thinks that it’s also a protection for her, when/if Brexit negotiations go tits up, or we as a country end up much worse off, so that she can say to the voting public “you put me here”.

Whenever I’ve voted in a General Election in the past, I’ve always voted Conservative. This time around, I’m not sure I morally can. While I think that Theresa May is probably the strongest leader, I don’t like the “hard Brexit” line, and I don’t like what the Tories are doing to the country in terms of funding cuts from the very pillars of our society like education and healthcare, as well as vulnerable people and those with disabilities.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, for me, just isn’t an option on the world stage – he’s a campaigner, not a political powerhouse.

Which led me to investigate the Liberal Democrats. I realised that, since the demise of previous leader Nick Clegg, I didn’t actually know who the leader of the party is! So I headed over to their website to find out more. First impressions were good; their policies align in many places with societal beliefs I hold. But then I read up more on party leader Tim Farron, and he too has his shortcomings. He doesn’t support gay marriage due to his Christian beliefs – as far as I can tell he’s never denounced it but neither does he think it’s ok. That’s not OK with me. Also, having heard him briefly on the radio this morning, he too doesn’t come across with country leading attitude. Could he have enough clout in a major political arena?

Which brings me to one of the points that I believe is a big decider in politics, and it has little, if anything, to do with the actual policies. People vote for people. And if you don’t like a person, or don’t see them in the role that they’re aiming for – for whatever reason – you’re not going to support them. I can’t honestly say that I like any of the main party leaders, as people. But as leaders, there is a clear distinction between Theresa May and Corbyn or Farron. So where does that leave me?

In a quandary, that’s where!

I think I feel like many people when I say that I don’t honestly believe we have a party represented in the UK that is the best party for the job. All of them, and their leaders, have somewhat insurmountable faults. I think this is why some people are apathetic about voting – because they don’t know who to choose. Is it really about the lesser of two/three evils? It certainly shouldn’t be!

Whatever the result, I think the next few weeks will be interesting and somewhat scary. Apart from last year’s Brexit vote, this could be the most pivotal vote of my life, certainly so far. The result could change the face of the country’s Brexit approach, which is groundbreaking in itself.

My last word on the matter is that I don’t think a Conservative win is a foregone conclusion. I think a lot of people are disillusioned with politics and disillusioned with the seeming lack of real choice. There may well be an upset – just look at Donald Trump’s victory! In the current political landscape, and I refer to worldwide, not just at home, it seems that we should expect the unexpected.

Thanks, as always, for reading! x

10 thoughts on “#GE2017

  1. emfletche says:

    If I sat down and wrote down my thoughts on this topic, they would completely echo yours – the confusion, the mistrust, the cynicism. I have no idea which way to turn, or even who to trust to give an honest and open manifesto. But I will certainly be putting my cross in a (more-than-likely-Non-Conservative) box on 8th June x

    • This, tatt and the other says:

      I’m so sorry I missed this response, thank you so much for replying. Its heartening to hear other people in the same dilemma. Do you feel any differently now that all the manifestos have been published? I think the Conservatives are being incredibly arrogant, makes me even more anti Tory (from a lifelong Conservative voter).

  2. raven avery says:

    I don’t usually talk politics because I don’t know enough about it but I actually hope with all my might that the Tories lose purely because I think you’re right they’ve called it for tactical reasons and I don’t like that nonsense. I think its a very sad state of affairs because you’re right there are no good parties or candidates, and they all lie and backtrack, I also have the issue of knowing that my vote won’t really count, but I also can’t not vote. So yeah, I’m with you in the quandry 🙂

    • This, tatt and the other says:

      I’m so sorry I missed this comment and haven’t replied. How are you feeling about it all now? My hatred of Theresa May is going stratospheric; her arrogance around divisive policies such as fox hunting and free school meals smacks of someone who thinks they’re a shoe-in, and I’d really love for a nasty shock to kick her out of Number 10.

      • raven avery says:

        I still feel like I have no idea who to vote for but it definitely will not be for the Tories that’s for sure!! She is just unreal isn’t she, not a representation of what I want for our country at all ?

    • This, tatt and the other says:

      Sorry I missed this comment. How are you feeling about it all now? I have to admit that I now feel I’ve done Jeremy Corbyn a dis-service; I’d written him off as not worthy of the world political stage but actually I’ve been watching more footage of him and he’s a good bloke who really cares. Yes, that’s the antithesis of any leader that’s gone before him, but maybe that’s a good thing? We need a shake up. I’m firmly in the Labour camp now, and it feels good that I have conviction in my vote.

      • Mrs Strawberry Blonde says:

        I’m glad to hear that you’ve made your choice and that you’re happy with it. I’m still clueless. But neither of the big 2 is getting my vote. It’s weird though. I thought I’d always vote for “my” party – but those times are over. This time I shall waste my vote on an also-ran. I think I need to look into the Green Party…

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