I feel partly to blame…

Last time I was out of the country, Boris Johnson was announced as the new foreign minister in the UK.

This time, while I was in Fuerteventura, the orange buffoon has done the unimaginable and managed to get himself elected as US President.


I’m going to Malaysia in April, so I can only apologise in advance for what might happen…

On a serious note, what the actual fuck? Just, how? It’s alarming to think there are so many people in the US who agree with a misogynistic, racist, homophobic bully. Or that there are people who voted for Trump because they don’t like Clinton. That’s not a good reason for voting, people!

I can only hope that the powers behind the President, the people who really run the country, can keep him and his crazy ideas in check. I can imagine the US feels like a very foreign land for a good portion of society right now, and feeling like an outcast in a place that you call home is not a good way to have to live.

I’d love to know your thoughts, drop me a comment!

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10 thoughts on “I feel partly to blame…

      • Tony Burgess says:

        I am scared to death for LGBTQ, minorities and immigrants. Trump has made it easy to hate. The people who elected him will realize he won’t be able to make good on almost all of his promises. It will be a very dark 4 years in this country.

        • This, tatt and the other says:

          We have the same with Brexit, to a degree, it’s already clear that come the promises made to win the vote were out and out lies. Trump has a balancing act of making good on the things he’s said that people have voted for, against doing the right thing for humanity and society. Either way I predict disruption and distrust. When such an abhorrent and hated person gets voted in for a 4 year tenure, people aren’t just going to shrug their shoulders and say “oh well, never mind”.

  1. autistsix says:

    Scary isn’t it! The world has to cross its fingers and hope that bureaucratic red tape & the usual political quagmire that has been eroding quite frankly everywhere will hold up long enough to stop this nit from destroying too much outside his own country. I mean I feel for the Americans but he is in a position to cause global catastrophes. I think we better start looking for a new planet. Oh and he’s not actually worse than our last prime minister (Australia) climate change isn’t happening wasn’t even his stupidest platform. Sorry, that reaction got out of my control.

    • This, tatt and the other says:

      It’s not out of control, it’s natural (for most people). I think the worry here, as you say, is that his actions and the outcomes aren’t confined to just his own country and citizens; he’s a world power and a dangerous one at that.

      World politics seems to be in a downward spiral; it will be interesting/worrying to see what happens in the French presidential elections next year. I think people want change and are using their vote to express their displeasure at the current establishment. I hope that’s the case, and not that there are millions of Americans who agree with Trump’s bile…

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