Obviously I’m not averse to money off deals, because that would be really stupid, but I’m so sick of hearing about Black Friday!


Here’s why:

  1. The clue’s in the name. Friday. If you’re still advertising Black Friday deals the following Tuesday, you clearly don’t understand the Gregorian calendar. The same goes for pre-Black Friday deals. If you’re doing them early then it’s just a sale.
  2. It’s a US tradition (and has been since 1952, according to Wikipedia) that the UK has latched on to, seemingly just for the hell of it, to keep up with our American cousins. Stores can’t just have a pre-Christmas sale now, it has to be a Black Friday discount. Why?
  3. A lot of the Black Friday deals really aren’t all that. Surely the idea is to issue a massive discount on products that is only availableĀ once a year? Not 20% off and free delivery from High Street stores, who regularly issue discount codes and sale offers. Make it 30% plus and it might look attractive and different to you usual discounts
  4. It creates a furor of activity, anger and rudeness in stores, as people fight over a new TV (that they probably don’t need) or trample each other to get to cheap Christmas toys for their kids
  5. It’s now spawning other stupid and pretend days, like Cyber Monday! Which is fine, if it was just cyber deals, but I’ve had emails from clothes shops advertising Cyber Monday deals too. Stop jumping on the bloody bandwagon!

Although I’d love to see any Black Friday bargains you guys have bought, let me know!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


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  1. Black Friday sucked this year. Nothing on my wish list was on offer so I didn’t bother. A couple of years ago I got stuff I wanted half price, so I only buy things if I already wanted them, not for the sake of itšŸ˜Š x

  2. I don’t love Black Friday either. Sure, I did have a look at what Superdrug and Boots had on special. But I didn’t buy anything because the offers weren’t good enough. OK, there were half price offers, but these were regular half price offers.

    I didn’t even look at what the fashion stores had to offer. I don’t care for a 20% discount. I’d rather wait for Boxing Day. In addition, before Black Friday became popular, the stores would often do 30%+ discounts (Blue Cross sale at Debenhams) on slow-selling stock before Christmas.

    Oh, and I like that Asda doesn’t do Black Friday deals anymore. They probably still remember the 2014 brawls when people went nuts over pseudo discounts and limited stock… I certainly remember it because even my local store closed for a few hours… madness!


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