5 blogger craves I just don’t get

Scrolling through various social media platforms there are certain things that come up time and time again – and each time I think to myself I just don’t “get” it. The only way I can explain it is I feel like an undeserved hype has developed around these things that is, in my opinion, over-rated. So I thought I’d share them with you and see if anyone agrees (or am I just a square blog peg in a round blog hole!)


lushHow anyone can spend any length of time in a Lush store without choking is beyond me – it’s just so smelly! Overwhelmingly overpowering, with so many different scents cloying against each other; it gives me an instant headache. Not only that, it seems bloomin’ expensive for what it is (then again, I’m not really the pampering type, so that has an impact on my feelings). You could count the amount of times I’ve been in a Lush store on one hand. Most recently I popped in a couple of weeks ago, to look for a lip scrub (I’ve read good things about them) but the flavours were just too icky sickly sweet and I couldn’t find one that agreed with me. I think some people buy into the prettiness and the ownership and sharing thereof rather than the actual products (I will admit that a Lush soap bar is imminently more instagrammable than a bottle of Nivea showergel).


autumnFrom 1st September my Twitter and Instagram feeds were filled with people getting excited about leaves changing colour and wrapping up in boots and jumpers. No! Autumn, for me, is a time of mourning – lamenting the end of summer and feeling sad about less daylight and saying goodbye to sandals. Not only that, autumn is ridiculously unpredictable and difficult to dress for, meaning an outfit that’s appropriate at 8am may leave you sweltering by midday. It would be better to go from summer straight to winter, literally overnight. Then at least you know what you’re dealing with.


starbucksThis is partially down to the fact that I’m not a coffee drinker (I have one double espresso at home, every morning, and that’s it – I don’t actually like long coffees) and I really don’t understand the terminology and all the choice! I mean, what is a mocha Frappuccino caramel latte anyway? But it’s also down to the cost (so expensive!) and the calories (so much sugar!) I don’t understand paying for posh coffee. I don’t understand the modern obsession with coffee shops. I’d much rather to go to the pub and have a glass of wine. Even if it is breakfast time.



This is, I think, another cult brand that some people buy into because of the kudos of ownership, rather than because it truly is a better product. Blog posts sharing a MAC lipstick stash are common, but I don’t see anyone doing the same with their Rimmel lippies. I can’t genuinely comment on the quality or value because I’ve never used any MAC products. I couldn’t justify spending so much money on a lipstick because I have a habit of losing them. My bad.

Yankee candles


I like candles. I like nice smells. I don’t like paying a whole heap of cash for something that I’m just going to set on fire! Seriously, candle burn times are generally pretty short, so on a cost per use basis I don’t understand why you would bother. I have a habit of falling asleep in front of the TV which means that some of the burn time and fragrance would be a complete waste of time. I’ll stick to my Ikea tealights, thanks.

So, what do you think? Am I nuts? Miserable? Tight? Hit me up with your thoughts (or let me know which craves you don’t buy into).

Thanks, as always, for reading. x


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  1. 50shad3s0fjay says:

    Okay I have to disagree on the Lush thing although I do understand why you may get a headache!!! But I LOVE Lush and to be fair you’re right, it makes instagramming so much easier. All you have to do is post a picture of your Candy Mountain bubble bar with the hashtag Lushie and thats another few followers to add to the list! But MAC and Starbs I agree! I’ve always been a Costa girl so rarely go to Starbucks, and MAC is alright but there are so many other brands which I think are better. I find MAC to be popular because all those its technically classed as a high end brand, its still cheaper than most and thats why people go there. Abit like Michael Korrs, affordable designer haha. Loved this post! ????

  2. RENNA says:

    This made me laugh !!!!! I agree with ALL of them apart from Autumn!!! I’ve had to watch so many bloody videos of a lush bath bomb fizzing in someones bath……its not bloody gorgeous, its a bath bomb ffs !!!

  3. danniijane says:

    I agree on autumn totally. I do like walking through leaves in a forest maybe once in autumn and a few outdoor activities, other than that I find it depressing. I hate the cold and dark so summer is my favourite time of year. I want to hibernate now the weather’s bad sadly. Whereas when it’s warm I live outside x

  4. Mrs Strawberry Blonde says:

    I am with you on everything! 😀

    Lush? I’ve made it into a Lush store once. A few years ago. Didn’t buy anything, didn’t go back. I too dislike the strong soapy ‘Lush’ smell that you can smell from a few feet away. And I agree, the stuff is quite expensive. Oh, and I also find a few products very odd – i.e. conditioner bars… come on…

    Autumn? Where are all those colours everyone raves about? The leaves are only colourful for a few days (OK, a few weeks tops) and then they fall off. And then they turn to mush. And it’s cold. And then you catch a cold.

    Starbucks? I’ve never been to a coffee shop. But I don’t drink coffee, so I can’t really comment on other people’s caffeine addictions.

    MAC? Too expensive. I have no interest in exploring this brand. I say yes to Rimmel, Revlon, Max Factor… and I actually think Revlon and Max Factor are quite expensive.

    Yankee Candles? Too expensive. I couldn’t justify spending so much money on candles. I’d rather buy a few tops or a dress or two from a cheap high street store than paying the same amount of money for a candle. I too like nice smells, and I’m obsessed with fragrances. But it’s so much easier (and cheaper) to use actual fragrance as a room spray. No, I don’t spray my fragrances everywhere. But I spray a fragrance into the air – just two sprays – and then I ‘fan’ it around the room with an actual fan. Job done. 🙂

    There are a few more blogger craves that I don’t get:

    Subscription boxes – why spend a set amount on ‘surprise’ products? All the products you get in these boxes are either from non-brands – or you get old, discontinued stuff. I also think people delude themselves when they think their box is tailored to their preferences. Nonsense. The only reason people get different stuff in their subscription boxes is because the companies behind the subscription boxes can’t source all the different products in equal quantities…

    Michael Kors handbags – they’re not very special. Sure, they look OK. But they look like handbags you can get elsewhere for 90% less.

    Cath Kidston – just no.

    Kiehl’s – see Lush.

    Pandora charms – I don’t even know where to start.

    But that’s just my opinion. I’m happy for everyone who ‘buys into’ brands. As long as they can afford it, it’s great. And it’s good for the economy.

    • This, tatt and the other says:

      Yes! Opinion-twins! I’m so glad you see my point on all of them (and I’m with you on Revlon and Max Factor – that’s my equivalent of high end!)

      Subscription boxes are, to me, more about the “surprise” than being of any actual benefit. They seem very expensive for what they are.

      And Cath Kidston is just so far away from who I am as a person I’d probably come out in hives if I came near it.

  5. Tina ☕️ (@teaisfortina) says:

    Had to reply to all!

    With Lush, I avoided it because of the headache-inducing smell, but after going with a friend a couple of years ago and picking up a lip scrub, I’ve actually changed my mind. If I could find bath bombs as good somewhere else, I would though, as I do think there’s too much hype around it. It’s not THAT good.

    I like meeting for a coffee if I’m having a wholesaome day with a friend, but I’m with you on the wine! Also Starbucks coffee sucks!

    It’s no secret I hate Autumn and it is pretty much due to the ending of our precious Summer.

    I’ve never bought a Mac product, I might one day just to test it out, but don’t really get it. Again, I think it’s mostly hype.

    There are much better candles than Yankee candles about (and cheaper!). I say this as someone who works for a candle company and sells Yankee and other brands. The line ‘something that I’m justgoing to set on fire’ made me laugh so much! xx


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