Back to reality

Urgh. Depressing as it is the Christmas holidays – the holy grail of time off work that keeps me going when winter creeps in following a summer of fun – is over.

Back to reality

10 whole days of no work and no alarms seem now to have passed in a flash (they haven’t, of course). I feel like I haven’t done justice to all of the food we have in the flat (there’s still soooo much chocolate and I’m sure the tubes of Pringles are multiplying). Worse still, both the husband an I are ill today with a snotty, sore throaty, hot sweaty lurgy. So any plans to make the most of our final day with a boozy roast lunch at the pub were quickly curtailed.

In truth, this is probably for the best. The temptation to eek every last second out of the Christmas holiday is all well and good until it’s time to get up and you realise you have no breakfast in the house, a cumulative Christmas hangover and all of your clothes are too tight.

At least this way I’ve had chance to get slightly prepared.

I’ve lounged about watching mindless TV in pyjamas while simultaneously doing washing and tidying. I went to the supermarket so we have stuff for lunches. Now I’m making a cheese and potato pie – a great idea for using up all the cheese we haven’t eaten, until I realised I had no potatoes so had to go back out. I sound almost domestic!

This is the first day I haven’t had an alcoholic drink in at least 3 weeks (what can I say, I started early) which can only stand me in good stead for tomorrow.

I almost became a New Year cliché in the supermarket filling my basket with ingredients for green smoothies (more on this potential fad another time) and buying vitamin C tablets, but the latter was purely because I’m hacked off with being ill (third cold in two months, I mean come on!)

All that’s left now is to find something good to watch on TV, try not to clock watch and then lie in bed willing sleep not to be evasive – it will be difficult enough to get up early as it is, without being extra tired as well.

Hope everyone’s working week isn’t too arduous!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x