I haven’t done a Twit of the Day for a while, but in view of everything going on in the world I can’t believe people are making a big deal about the ridiculous non big deal of paying for a carrier bag.

Carrier bag 5p law

The 5p bag legislation has been in place for a while now, and I’m bored of seeing people being so stupid about it. Today I went to the supermarket and still there are people carrying way more shopping than their hands can comfortably manage rather than buy a bag. Palming it off on kids, tucking it under armpits, juggling bottles and cans and packets.

While it’s great to see people thinking whether they actually need a bag and, where they don’t, not having one, it’s also absolutely ridiculous to overload yourself with more stuff than you can handle because of five pence.

Put into context the amount of money many people waste on disposable fashion from Primark, overbuying groceries at the supermarket that get thrown away, or a cheap nail varnish/lipstick/eyeshadow that languishes in a draw because it doesn’t suit us; investing in a carrier bag isn’t that big a deal.

I was behind a man in Superdrug who refused one because he said he “couldn’t afford it”.


Sort your priorities people. Bring your own bag if you need one. Don’t make a big deal about shit that doesn’t matter.

And, if you do, I hope you drop your eggs.


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