B.Flawless Wrinkle Filler (an oldie but goodie)

I bought this stuff yonks ago after reading about it in the Daily Mail (don’t judge me – it’s not a regular occurrence). It came highly recommended and I spotted it on half price in Superdrug (which it is again now)so thought I’d give it a bash.

B.Flawless wrinkle filler tube

Because I have done nothing to prevent wrinkles (as in daily moisturiser or night cream), it’s likely that I will need to resort to things to make them look better. And while I don’t have wrinkles as such, I do have a bit of creasing on my forehead that I wouldn’t mind not being there (actually laughing at myself for the optimism of describing my none wrinkles! Next I’ll be saying they’re laughter lines!)

Back to this little tube of glory. Because that’s what it is! I used it religiously when I first bought it and even roped the husband in (to cries of “what is this sorcery?) because it does seem to just smooth out your wrinkles, like someone’s got a pencil eraser and rubbed you out around the edges.

Forehead before

Forehead before

Forehead after

Forehead after

Good eh?

You only need to use a little bit and it tends to work best if you pat it in to your skin, rather than rub it. You can use it with make up and it’s good for any areas you may want to look less “creased” like eyes or mouth.

B.Flawless Wrinkle filler cream

Not sure why I stopped using it, probably misplaced it knowing me, but now I’ve rediscovered it I’m thrilled! I’ve even been and bought a new tube.

Do you have any “forehead crease” minimising tips?!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x