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Blogging and me – which one has changed?

My most recent blog post was about my trip to Santorini, which happened 11 months ago. I still haven’t finished writing about Dubrovnik, which was 13 months ago. My weekend in Lincoln earlier this year, and my trip to Norway for my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday haven’t seen the light of day.

There was a time when I’d have been chomping at the bit to get these trips written up. When I’d have been vocal about the current political situation, or sharing my latest book purchases.

These days I hardly ever blog. And it got me wondering why?

My job is definitely part of it – I look after the social media accounts and some content creation at the company I work for, and in truth it can zap my creativity! I don’t really feel like getting my laptop out after work, or even at weekends. I used to do much of my blogging during my lunch hour in my previous job, whereas in this job there is a much more social aspect to lunches (and somewhere to actually sit away from our desks!) so I tend to spend my lunchtimes with colleagues rather than writing blog posts. I keep telling myself that I’ll spend maybe one lunchtime a week at my desk doing “life-admin” and catching up on blogging, but it hasn’t happened so far.

I don’t read other blogs as much these days either, and I don’t know why. Are people less prolific in promoting their blog posts on Twitter these days? I don’t seem to see blogging mentioned nearly as much, and I guess I’ve just gotten out of the habit of checking in on my favourite sites (other people seem to be posting less too!)

To conclude…I think both blogging and me have changed. Not necessarily for the worst, but certainly not for the better. My blog was never about views or followers, so that isn’t what’s stopping me from posting. I guess, like many people, I just need to get my mojo back!

Watch this space…!

Is anyone else feeling this way? Is blogging dead? I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks, as always, for reading. x


100 followers – thank you!

Wowsers, I’ve reached 100 followers. This is a great milestone!


Thank you so much to each and every person who has, at one time or another, seen something that interested them enough to want to follow my little blog. I appreciate you all!

I’ll be honest, when I started this blog back at the end of February last year I thought it would be easier than it is to build up a community on my site. I didn’t expect followers, but I guess I thought the traffic would be higher? Maybe I just don’t have much to say that interests people. But who cares? The 100 people that are signed up are here through choice, and that’s fab!

Here’s a party popper and a celebratory cocktail.

Party popper & cocktail


Thanks, as always, for reading! x


5 things about 2015

Firstly, Happy New Year! Hope you had a good one welcoming it in whatever way you chose.

I meant to post this yesterday but got distracted by procrastinating doing…er…nothing…so although it’s now 2016 and technically I should be looking forward and not backwards, well, tough!

Goodbye 2015

So I woke up yesterday morning wondering how come I was in bed (I got very very drunk on New Years Eve Eve) and whether I was in trouble with the husband for being a pissed up handful (I wasn’t) and between the drunken confusion and not being able to sleep because my tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth, I spent a few minutes thinking back about the year and the things that defined it.

So, here they are!

  1. Family. I’m very lucky to be very close to both of my parents. They divorced when I was 21 and I’ve been through bad times with both of them, but we came through the other side. They’re always there for me and, because I’m an only child, they have no-one to compare me to so they think I’m great (kinda kidding here). And, you know, family is so important. My mother-in-law is an amazing woman and I know that when we’re in her company we’ll always have fun. My extended family are fun and close knit and there are times in the past when I haven’t made the most of them. Time is limited and precious and I don’t want to regret not making the most of my folks so in 2015 I consciously spent more time with them, and will continue to do so this year.
  2. My job. I’ll never be defined by my career because I’m strictly of the mindset “work to live” and always have been. But this year I got made redundant (which is cool because I was semi-looking around anyway) and I now work for a company that makes a difference to people’s lives. The ethos is very different to my previous role and I never want to go back to that corporate money making bullshit I was in before; where lies and bad morals are acceptable just to make a buck for the fat cat owners. Plus I get that warm fuzzy feeling hearing first hand from people who’s lives are literally changed. It’s good.
  3. This blog. I started this blog on the day I got made redundant; a knee jerk reaction to change and the thought that I might have a lot of time on my hands! And it’s been great! I wanted to start a blog for a really long time and never got round to it, and I wish I’d done it years ago. I love the writing process, I love the interaction with other people, I love having an outlet that’s mine. Long may it continue.
  4. My hair! Screw the deep and meaningful stuff, my hair has been a pain in the ass for the past year. Totes my own fault for cutting it off, but I needed to do it and scratch an itch and have now learnt my lesson. It’s long all the way from now on! (well, when it finally gets there).
  5. Not seeing friends. Back to the serious stuff. The husband and I totally overcommitted last year, in between holidays, and festivals and weekends away, and other plans. Great as it sounds, we didn’t nurture the core stuff. Friends we haven’t seen enough of. Birthdays missed. Presents not exchanged. Spending 3 weekends in a row in different hotels in different parts of the country because of gigs and weddings and trips. Something to change this year.

So, a retrospective, an introspective, and a goodbye to last year.

How was yours?

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


I could have had a baby!

Today is my 9 month blogging anniversary.

Wow! In that time I could have made and given birth to a baby! <<shudder!>>

Baby on blog

(image from fullcirclewomenshealth.com)

Here are 5 things I’ve learnt during this gestation period:

1 – I like blogging. I enjoy it. I like the writing process and committing my thoughts to paper a computer screen.

2 – I don’t have a niche. I’ve blogged about this before. As time passes and my post count increases, it becomes ever more apparent that I just couldn’t stick to one topic. I have too much to say about everything!

3 – I hoped it would be more successful. Ouch, that’s painful. Not successful as in I’d be snapped up for a full time writing career with a magazine! Just maybe…more followers? More interaction? It kind of feels like I only have a handful of “regulars” (to whom I’m very grateful and love exchanging comments, so please don’t think I don’t appreciate you). But I don’t have time to build a community and Twitter presence and promote it and myself while also engaging with other people. I’m not part of the blogging community because I haven’t made myself so.

On the flip side, it’s ok that it’s not as “successful” as I hoped. It proves that I’m in it for the right reasons. I remain dedicated to creating and posting content, and I’m proud of it as my corner of the internet. It’s very me.

4 – It potentially needs more time than I have to offer (or am willing to commit). Layouts and themes and coding all take time that I don’t really have. But it was never supposed to become a burden. And maybe that’s part of the success bit as well?

5 – My husband is never going to get over his embarrassment at me taking photos of food when we go out to eat!

So happy “birth” day in the truest sense, to my little rambling blog of stuff!


I’ve been nominated for a Liebster award!

How exciting!

Liebster award

This is my very first award nomination, and I’d like to thanks my parents, my husband, every restaurant I’ve ever been to, H&M, my home delivery courier and the post office…

Oops, got carried away there!

In all seriousness, thanks to the lovely Holly at Closing Winter for including me in her list. Sometimes it feels a little bit like I’m in no-mans-land with this blog (can you hear that tiny violin?!) so it’s nice to have some interaction. Thanks Holly!

Check out Holly’s blog for make up finds and general loveliness.

The Liebster award helps to promote the smaller blogs with 200 followers or less and the rules are as follows:

  • After being nominated, make a post thanking and linking the nominator.
  • In that post include the Liebster Award logo.
  • Nominate up to 10 other new bloggers with 200 or less followers.
  • Answer the 10 questions posed to you by your nominator.
  • Make 10 questions of your own to be answered by your nominees.
1. Why/how did you choose your blog name?

I knew that I would be talking about all sorts of thing, hence “this, that and the other” and I switched that to tatt due to my tattoos.

2. What was your favourite birthday?

I’m not really a birthday person, because it’s so close to Christmas (20th December) so I always feel a bit cheeky asking people to do stuff, although everyone always makes an effort. Most memorable is probably about 3 years ago when we had massive amounts of snow and our friend’s band couldn’t get their gear to the pub we were all going to and it seemed like it would be a washout but people walked miles to get there and our friend cobbled together some kit and did an impromptu solo gig instead with all the pub locals singing along.

3. Do you have a favourite beauty product you can’t do without?
I’m very partial to Collection’s Extreme liner – it’s my go to eyeliner and very easy to use. Also have much love for Nivea Fruity Shine lip salves which were only released this year but have done wonders for the state of my mouth!

4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I couldn’t leave my family behind, so I probably couldn’t live in another country permanently. But I’d like to spend a year, or maybe a summer, in Los Angeles. I’ve been there 4 times and it’s so chilled and laid back, with the best climate.

5. If you were given £1,000 (or $1,000) to spend, where would you spend it?
On a travel website. I’m always thinking about where I want to go next and what I want to see.

6. Do you have any animals?
No. I couldn’t deal with the stinky cleaning up!

7. If you could create your own range of beauty products, which company would you like to work with?
Probably one of the ranges I grew up with – Seventeen or Rimmel. I like accessible products that you can experiment with. I’m not into high end beauty.

8. What’s your favourite TV show/s at the moment?
I just recently got into Homeland (I know, late to the party), so I’d probably say that

9. What food do you absolutely hate?
Baked beans! It’s more than hatred. It’s a phobia. I can’t look at them. They make me shudder and heave. Bleugh!

10. What’s your favourite season and why?
Summer, 100% without a doubt. Lighter nights, less clothes, beer gardens, freckles and eating outside. I flourish in summer and hibernate in winter!

My nominations are:





I wanted to nominate a couple of other people too, but they have too many followers to qualify, the lucky ladies!

And here are my questions for my nominees! (and anyone else who’d like to join in)

1. If you could only shop at one clothes store for a year, which one would it be?

2. When and where was your last holiday?

3. What’s your favourite band or genre of music?

4. What’s your worst bad habit?

5. Who’s your celebrity crush?

6. Would you ever consider plastic surgery?

7. What’s your favourite cuisine?

8. Have you ever fallen over in public?

9. What was the last book you read?

10. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

Thanks again to Holly, and I look forward to reading other people’s responses – don’t forget to let me know in the comments that you’ve done it!


What I look for in a blog

I posted a few weeks back about my experiences of blogging so far, and not having a niche, and lots of other potentially whingy stuff about followers and the like. I’ve seen a few things in the past couple of weeks that have made me revisit those thoughts – not in terms of myself, but in terms of others. What makes other people’s blogs attractive to me.Blog image

The first thing was this post from Misha Khan. I was drawn to it via one of her tweets, and she sums up a lot of what I feel about blogging. It’s the writing that I love, and writing is kind of different to being a blogger. And that’s ok.

The second was a Twitter exchange with Suzie81, based on a post I’d made about it being harder to make a success of a blog (in traditional “success measuring” terms) without a niche.

Twitter screenshot

Suzie commented that I should go with how I feel. Which is exactly what I’m doing anyway, as I can’t do anything else!

And the third was this from fashionbeautyacne, which sums up what I tried to say previously about numbers and followers and whether they’re that important. The answer to that one, I suppose, is what you want from your blog personally.

Niche blogs seem by far to be the most popular. I suppose some people want consistency, and like that in depth knowledge/opinion on one subject.

Me? I’m the opposite. I’m nosy. I want to read about people and their lives, their everyday comings and goings, their thoughts and opinions on everything. Not the fancy “I wore this and went here and received XYZ from such and such PR”. Sure, they’re ok in moderation. But being a bit of a cynical, critical and slightly bitter person (I’m nothing if not very aware of my shortcomings), they piss me off. Do they make me jealous? Maybe! (ouch).

I’m not a model, a clothes horse, a beautician or a professional photographer. I’m too self conscious to pose for photos to share with the world. I’m not knocking anyone that does. But I have too much of the “who do you think you are” mentality to do it myself. Sure, I’ll share pics of myself here and there. But I couldn’t build a blog on it. I couldn’t go to a public place and pull a multitude of poses then add filters and whittle down scores of snaps to just a handful. I don’t have the time or patience. It’s also just not me.

And perhaps that’s the reason I gravitate to blogs that I do. Because humour and experiences are way more up my alley. I like to read anecdotes. What people have been up to. What people think about a current issue (doesn’t have to be deep). Look at pictures of clothes, not 7 very similar perfect pictures of a person wearing those clothes. Read about travels and days out. See real accessible people talking about real accessible stuff, like a bargain lipstick or a new pair of sandals.

Maybe I’m just too old for the aspirational stuff. I’m never going to be flitting around to fancy locations in fancy clothes that have all been sponsored.

But that’s the beauty of blogland. There’s something out there for everyone. And that can only be a good thing.

On that note I’m going to name check a couple of blogs. Both of which I have found very recently, and both of which I genuinely love and look forward to new posts appearing.

Ellen Marie Writes. Lists. Always in 10s. Always brutally honest, with humour and real life language. Love it.

Disasters of a Thirty Something. Real life laugh out loud experiences. I love reading about funny stuff happening to people.

I see a lot of myself in both of these blogs – both content and writing style. Which leads me to believe I’m a blog narcissist. I actually want to read about me! (tongue firmly in cheek here, for anyone not getting the humour).

Oh, and apologies for sounding like a bitch! II’m really not! But I always promised myself that the blog would be true to me, and I like pondering stuff on here. I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts too.


My 100th post!

100 blog posts

I feel like I should post something profound and memorable.

But I’m kind of at a loss (I don’t really do profound and memorable, as the last 99 posts prove!)

So I’d just like to say a big thanks to anyone who has followed me – either purposely or by accident – whether you have read one post or more regularly, and whether you stick with it or realise it’s not going to get any better so you may as well bail out!!

Thank you elephant
Thank you for your time, your comments, your thoughts and interactions. I really appreciate it.

Multilingual thanks

I look forward to sharing more as my little corner of the internet ambles along.

Lots of love, K xx


Twit of the Day award…this chauvinistic idiot…

You’ve probably seen the story about the girl who went on a Tinder date, had a great time, only to receive a message from the bloke after the event telling her that she wasn’t slim enough for him to fall for.

If not you can read it here in Stylist magazine (it’s been covered in a few publications)

There’s so much wrong with this story, and twit is too tame a word to describe the knobhead bloke in question, but what with me being a lady (guffaw), and the fact that I was building something of a “twit series” (here, here, here and here) that’s the word I’ll go with.

He’s a twit (spelling mistake, I’m using the wrong vowel) for more than one reason.

a) because he’s viewing her from a purely physical point of view
b) because he admits he had a great time, yet is willing to deprive himself of more good times because she doesn’t fit his aesthetic
c) because he had the gall to tell her what he thinks
d) because he put it in writing, therefore asking to be publicly shamed
e) because he thinks that his opinion will make her change to suit him

My biggest problem with it all, apart from all of it, is the last one. That he probably thought he could get her to change to suit him. Just because it suited him. That she would want to be with an opinionated, small minded, egotistical, big headed TW*T enough to change her lifestyle and looks. For him.

Or, even if not to be with him, then he thought his opinion mattered enough to embarrass and shock her into taking action. He makes it sound like he’s doing her a favour.

Where does he get off?

But, what’s really sad, is that there are women out there who would do that. Women who want to be loved and accepted, and would believe that their weight is getting in the way. That sucks.

If you’re unhappy with your appearance and want to change then all power to you. But they key is YOU. If YOU’RE unhappy. Not your family. Not your friends. Certainly not some jerk you’ve been on one date with.

I love Michelle’s response, which you can read in full on her blog. The very best bit, for me, is her PPS at the end.

“You’re not 5’11”

Roughly translates to “f*ck you, you piece of crap”.

Bravo Michelle.