Month: November 2015

Twit(s) of the day award – it’s 5 bloody pence!

I haven’t done a Twit of the Day for a while, but in view of everything going on in the world I can’t believe people are making a big deal about the ridiculous non big deal of paying for a carrier bag.

Carrier bag 5p law

The 5p bag legislation has been in place for a while now, and I’m bored of seeing people being so stupid about it. Today I went to the supermarket and still there are people carrying way more shopping than their hands can comfortably manage rather than buy a bag. Palming it off on kids, tucking it under armpits, juggling bottles and cans and packets.

While it’s great to see people thinking whether they actually need a bag and, where they don’t, not having one, it’s also absolutely ridiculous to overload yourself with more stuff than you can handle because of five pence.

Put into context the amount of money many people waste on disposable fashion from Primark, overbuying groceries at the supermarket that get thrown away, or a cheap nail varnish/lipstick/eyeshadow that languishes in a draw because it doesn’t suit us; investing in a carrier bag isn’t that big a deal.

I was behind a man in Superdrug who refused one because he said he “couldn’t afford it”.


Sort your priorities people. Bring your own bag if you need one. Don’t make a big deal about shit that doesn’t matter.

And, if you do, I hope you drop your eggs.


Pray for Paris

I’m too sad to post as planned today. I’m shocked, saddened, horrified, appalled, disgusted and scared. Yes, scared. I know we shouldn’t say that, I know we’re supposed to be strong and say that we wont be beaten. That our lives won’t change. That we’ll live our lives as normal, and not in fear.

Pray for Paris peace sign eiffel tower

But you know what? I am scared. Scared for the world. Where are we going? What is our future? If we fight terrorism with bombs, retaliation will happen. If we don’t, terrorism will advance.

I’m scared because I think Britain will be next. We’ve been instrumental in fighting terror with attack. So we’re an obvious target.

I’m scared because I go to gigs; I spend weekends in venues that could easily be targeted to attack large numbers of people. That’s what makes it close to home to me. It could have been me. It could have been the husband. It could have been any of my friends. We love life. We dedicate time to gigs and the pursuit of enjoyment. And we don’t expect these pursuits of happiness to limit or end our lives.

I’m scared because I live near a city. The second city. A target.

I’m scared because the Frankfurt Christmas market has just opened in Birmingham and welcomes 5 million visitors over the festive season. And I love it. I visit it.

So yes, maybe terrorists are winning.

This frame of mind won’t last. Even the Facebook profile update, which puts a French flag wash over your image, gives you the option to make it temporary. So how long until we all go back to normal life? 1 day? 3 days? A week?

Until then? I don’t know. All I do know is that it’s shit. So very very awfully soul destroyingly shit.


Metrosexuality gone mad

I’m all for men looking after themselves and taking care of their appearance.

Hell, I’m even down with blokes embracing their feminine side if that’s what tickles their fancy.

I like men with long hair and earrings (like my husband). I don’t mind nail varnish on a man (it works for my celebrity crushes Nikki Sixx and Steven Tyler)

But kimonos? On your average online shopping male?

ASOS male kimono 2

ASOS male kimono

ASOS male kimono 3

Meggings? (I kid you not, that’s what they’re called on the website)

ASOS meggings

Blanket capes?

ASOS cape

ASOS please! Just no!


Motley Crue – The Final Tour

This time last week I was basking in how great Motley Crue were at the Genting Arena the night before, and how excited I was to be seeing them at Wembley.

Motley Crue band logo

I’ll start this review by saying wow.

Now I’ll tell you why.

Firstly, Motley Crue as a band have been releasing records for over 30 years. When a band has had commercial success for that length of time; touring the world and playing to hundreds of thousands of people, it’s pretty fair to say they know their stuff. They know how to tour, how to put on a show and how to please an audience.

So it’s pretty difficult to review them in the way you would a smaller/lesser known band at a smaller venue.

Even so, there are bands that lose their shine and passion as the years go on; and perhaps their performance suffers as a result. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s band fall outs, maybe it’s quality of musicianship.

You couldn’t say any of that about Motley Crue’s two performances last week. The stage show was big – there was lots of pyro, millions of lights, fire, and a drumkit on a rollercoaster.

Motley Crue drum rollercoaster 2

Motley Crue drum rollercoaster

Drum rollercoaster

Yep, Tommy Lee’s whole kit was attached to a rollercoaster that came right out into the crowd. During his drum solo he traversed the length of the coaster and back again; going upside down while also spinning around on the drum platform. Pretty spectacular stuff!

All of the big hits were in there with pumped guitar riffs and singalong vocals. Vince was flanked by two hot girls in tiny leather outfits, and why wouldn’t he be? This is a band who were instrumental in 80s rock and really lived the rock and roll dream of sex, drugs and debauchery. They’re over 50 now, yet to watch them you wouldn’t know it. There were no signs of lethargy or slowing down- each and every member of the band was really going for it.

Vince’s vocals have taken a battering in certain reviews I’ve read, and a lot of people decided not to see them again after outdoor festival performances at this year’s Sweden Rock and Download. I don’t think an outdoor festival is ever the best representation of how good a band can be, to be honest. And with the amount of energy and movement he puts into working the stage, it’s hardly surprising he doesn’t hit every single note!

I’ve seen them 6 times in total now, which is a lot for a band I never really thought I liked before the first time, but I can honestly say that I’ve loved each and every show. Part of the brilliance is that there are hardcore fans at their gigs who absolutely live and breathe their music, so the atmosphere and excitement is electric. And the band genuinely seem to care about their performance and giving everything. The visual aspect of the shows, as well as the audio, is above and beyond what a lot of bands do.

At the end, Vince and Nikki stepped onto two mechanical arms which then swept out into the crowd, so they were over and above the audience and playing to people below.

Nikki and Vince

Necessary? Not at all! Imaginative? Yes! Expensive and difficult to set up at each gig? You betcha! But they did it because the passion is still there to deliver a great show.

Nikki fireworks

Nikki finale


Nikki Sixx

The finale couldn’t have been more different. The band left the main stage and made their way to a small platform half way in the crowd, lighting their path with torches. Just the four of them; Nikki on bass, Mick on guitar, Tommy on piano and Vince on vocals they sang Home Sweet Home.

Home Sweet Home

Nikki and Tommy Home Sweet Home

Vince Home Sweet Home

Nikki close up

No fancy effects, no bright lights – just the band in a pared down, intimate (well, as intimate as you can be in a sold out arena!) and emotional goodbye.

Crue famously signed legal documents stating that they will never tour again, so there was always going to be a lot of hype to this tour. Sceptics would say it’s a sure fire way of selling out venues, which they did. And of course there’s lots of sadness from lifelong fans that they’ll never see them again, but going out on a high was a good move. The fans will be left with nothing but positive memories of a great live goodbye.

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


Lace and leather look good together…

…except the trousers aren’t real leather; they’re “pleather”.

And I’m not going to wear them with the lace top.

But that doesn’t flow off the tongue as much for a blog post title!

Anyways, I got these in the H&M sale. The trousers were £8 and the top £9.

H&M black lace top black pleather faux leather peg leg trousers

I’ve seen some “pleather joggers” on a couple of different blogs and I like them. They’re a different look to my biker skinnies, although I don’t know how I’m going to wear them. I don’t have the right ankle boots (I’ve tried them all). My pointy black stiletto courts will work, if I’m wearing them for going out. Top wise I need to play about, because of the elasticated waist. I’m wondering if I can get away with sneakers or hi-tops for a more casual daytime look, teamed with a chunky knit.

The top is kind of a replacement for another black lace top I have, which has lost it’s oomph through being worn and washed. I’ll be wearing it with black flares.

I bloody love H&M.

Thanks, as always, for reading! x



I hate being ill. I mean, I know everyone does, but it just feels so unfair. I have too much to do to be ill.

Oh, by the way, I have a cold.

I know, right? I’m verging into man-flu territory here!

Actually, I hate having a cold purely because it seems so pathetic. It’s just a cold! And we berate men who make out like it’s life and death. Because it’s just a cold!

But sometimes it does just knock you for six.

I hate giving in and admitting defeat.

I hate calling into work saying I can’t come in because I have a cold. But if you’re veering through the temperature gauge and stripping off your clothes just or some relief; well some offices don’t like that.

Also the girl who sits opposite me is pregnant, so it’s not really fair on her for me to be spluttering in the vicinity of her developing child.

I’m so thoughtful.

I’ve spent the past 3 days in pyjamas at home. Which sounds dreamy, but is now just tiresome. Especially with a lap full of soggy tissues.

PJs and tissues

Husband is cooking dinner, which is lovely of him but I take exception to, because the kitchen is my domain (I know it’s old fashioned, but I feel it’s my job as a wife to cook for him. I make up for it by getting drunk at parties and being carried home).

I go to bed with my nose and mouth smeared in face cream to negate the sandpaper effect of tissues against my skin (I’m a very snotty person when I have a cold; it both amazes and dismays me how much of the stuff one person can produce). My hair is scraped back in a sweaty bun and my skin glistens with sweat. I’m so unattractive and I don’t care.

But tomorrow is another day. I’m done. I’ve given in to my change of season snot, indulging it in lazy days, afternoon naps and paracetamol every few hours, as sometimes you need to do in order to recover fully, and now it’s time for it to sod off. I don’t get paid for this shit (literally, because it’s a new job, I don’t get sick pay for the first year).

And I have gigs and clothes and food to blog about.

So thanks for indulging my whinging, and a big fat sneezy snotty sorry for being such a bore!


Celebrity crushes

A bit of fun on the blog today (and an excuse to perv over ridiculously hot men!)

Inspired by the fact that I saw one of my big celebrity crushes on stage last night (and again tomorrow, woo!) and that another one of is all over TV chat shows at the moment (I’m not complaining).

So, in no particular order…

First up, Nikki Sixx. Ooh, ooh, ooh! He’s such a tattooed, big haired, guyliner wearing pot of yumminess! We saw Motley Crue in Birmingham last night and he was definitely the member of the band I had my eye on the most! So cool, so passionate!

My favourite picture of him really doesn’t need any explanation!

Tattooed Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx 2

Nikki Sixx

Next, we have Adam Lambert. Yes, I know he’s gay. But what does that matter? It’s not like I’m ever going to meet him or try to start a relationship. This is purely aesthetic, and he just looks sooooo good. Plus he’s ridiculously talented – we saw him with Queen earlier this year and he was amazing; vocally great and a true performer. Seeing him on TV he comes across as funny, and cheeky and a good laugh.

Adam Lambert with Queen

Adam Lambert 2

Adam Lambert

Last but not least – Johnny Depp. I mean, who doesn’t fancy Johnny Depp? He’s gorgeous and always has been, he’s an incredibly talented and versatile actor and now he’s taking to the stage with rock and roll legends as a guitarist for the band Hollywood Vampires. Not only that but he’s great at it. Is there nothing the Depp-meister can’t do?

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Hollywood Vampires

Johnny Depp 2

I’ve already documented my love for Steven Tyler earlier this year; you can read about it here

Now I’m off to send a loving text message to the husband before he reads this post and tells me off!

Thanks, as always, for reading – and let me know your celebrity crushes!


The return of opaque tights

I have some strange fashion rules that I have made up in my head that I can’t bring myself to break.

One of them is wearing (or, more specifically, not wearing) opaque tights before November. It’s just a thing.

But now we’re firmly in November and the tights can come out. Hurrah! It also opens up lots of wardrobe possibilities that are closed during the cooler days of October, like skirts and boots (I tend to get in a jeans rut during the change of seasons). And some that are only possible in autumn winter, like mini dresses that would be on the verge of explicit without tights to hide ones modesty! And shorts. I’m a big fan of shorts and tights in winter.

Today I have gone for a black and cream spotty jersey dress from F&F (2 years ago), with my trusty ASOS stompy boots (these were such a good buy, I’ve worn them loads already).

Me in spotty dress and leather jacket

Spotty dress opaque tights ASOS ankle boots

My legs feel cosy and protected, it’s nice!

My favourite opaques are from Primark; they’re good quality, wash well and come in a variety of deniers up to 150 (I think). I need to stock up as I do at the beginning of each tight wearing season. Even though I’m only 5’6″ I always buy tall, because there’s nothing worse than a saggy crotch that you have to keep hoisting up!

Here’s some of the outfits I’ll be wearing now that the tights are back in town.

Beanie leather jacket nude tulle skirt opaque tights ankle boots

Fine kinit jumper tweed shorts black opaque tights black ankle boots

Grey jumper berry leather skirt opaque tights ankle boots

Leather jacket grey top tartan mini skirt opaque tights ankle boots

Nude boho dress opaque tights

Leather jacket chunky scarf burgundy mini skirt opaque tights ankle boots

Mini skirt black opaque tights

Printed tee red mini skirt opaque tights

(images from pinterest)

Thanks, as always, for reading!



Fringe benefits

I love fringing. It’s so carefree. Obviously you have to be careful not to go too far – Texan cowboy or 80s throwback is not a good look! But in moderation, fringing is my friend.

My favourite way to incorporate it into an outfit is in a bag.

I think I’ve blogged about this bag before – in fact this is my 4th one; exactly the same! You can pick them up on ebay for £6 to £10 and they come in various colours. But I always come back to the black.

Fringed bag

It’s my go to bag for outside of work – it dresses down a fancy outfit for when you want to be a bit more casual but looks great with jeans too. It fits in so well with my current 70s/hippie obsession as well.

This bag is from Peacocks. There’s a dearth of the usual High Street shops in my most local town, so I regularly have a wander around Peacocks. Pricewise they’re probably on a par with Primark, maybe a little bit more expensive, but the quality is incomparable, and they often have some nice bits and pieces that you won’t see everyone wearing.

Peacocks fringed bag

Peacocks fringed bag close up

Their website isn’t particularly user friendly, but they do offer free delivery over £30 and free returns to stores (you have to pay if you want to return by post). They also do discounts fairly regularly too, like 20% across the store or £5 off if you spend £30, that kind of thing.

I like that this bag is a mix of leather and suede (both faux, obvs) with a chunky silver chain. It’s smaller than the other fringed bag and doesn’t hold as much, but sometimes that’s a good thing!

I got this waistcoat in the H&M sale, reduced from £29.99 to £9.

H&M fringed waistcoat

H&M fringed waistcoat back

It’s a thick twill fabric with silver embroidery and tassel fringes. You may have spotted it on my weekend post a few weeks back. I think I’ll be wearing this a lot.

Here’s some fringing inspiration.

Fringed v-back festival boho dress

Fringed suede skirt fringed clutch bag

Olive green fedora fringed jacket cut off denim shorts

Black fringed suede jacket black fedora skinny jeans

Fringed western suede beige ankle boots

Fringed tan suede bag with peacock feather trim

(images from pinterest)

Thanks, as always, for reading!


My current favourites

It’s been a while since I did one of these posts. Here are the things that are currently dinging my dong.


ASOS 70s clogs
Do these need any words? They’re just lush. Which is why I got both colours! I’m hoping they’ll work with thick tights so I can wear them through winter too. They’re my favourite addition to my shoedrobe this year.

ASOS black clogs 2

ASOS tan clogs 2

Voucher websites
I’m perpetually skint right now, all my own fault (and with lots of good times to show for it!) so anything that helps me save cash is good. I have a couple of Groupon and LivingSocial deals in the bag that will help me on those weekends where it’s still forever until payday but I don’t want to stay home.

More specifically, selling on ebay. I’m all for giving stuff to charity, but when there’s potential value in that stuff I need to at least try and sell it first. Especially when it’s never been worn. I have a credit card bill to pay, doncha know!

It’s rare that I eat pie due to the calorie content, but last weekend I bought these beauties which we had with mash and onion gravy. They’re from Higgidy – feta cheese, spinach and pine nut on the left, and chicken, ham and leek on the right. I’m going to make a pie at some point, with filo pastry to make it more healthy.

Higgidy pies spinach feta pinenut chicken ham leek

Higgidy pies spinach feta pinenut chicken ham leek

Substituting rice for cauliflower rice
Beat the carbs – lower fat and lower calories means you can eat more of it! (that’s how it works, right?) Plus it opens up more mid week dinner opportunities where you just need that type of accompaniment (I try not to eat carbs in the week).

Blue cheese
I used to hate this stuff as a kid. But now I love it! On it’s own, on crackers, on burgers. Yum. Check out this lamb recipe which it works with too.

Tesco flavoured sparkling water
Such a nice mixer for vodka (you didn’t think I meant to drink on it’s own, did you?!)

Tesco sparkling peach and passionfruit water mixer

Now that the leaves on the trees are not long for this world, it’s important to have some colour through winter. I planted these pretty pansies on my balcony yesterday; they’re such cheerful little flowers that always look like they’re smiling!

Purple pansy balcony pot

What are you loving right now?