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Skulls aren’t just for Halloween!

Skulls are an integral part of Halloween decorations. Of course pumpkins are the main feature associated with Halloween, but with the date being celebrated with horror and gore, dead bodies and bones are also part and parcel of many films, parties and dsplays.

We don’t decorate our home for Halloween anymore. We used to, in the early days of living in the flat. We’d have small Halloween parties which would usually end in absolute carnage, and I used to love buying fake cobwebs, spiders, skeletons and the like.

I’d hoped, when we moved to our house, that we’d get Trick or Treaters. But we’re tucked away in a hidden corner of a quiet cul de sac with no passing traffic, so my dream of doling out sweets to cute little kids was not to be!

Because of that, and the fact we no longer have parties (I don’t think our livers could take it!) I don’t bother with decorating the house for Halloween anymore. I don’t even bother with pumpkins – they’re just so messy.

I do sometimes cook something Halloween themed – you can see my recipe for eyeball meatballs here.

But skulls, on the other hand, are part of our every day decor! The husband loves skull imagery; it’s very prevalent on the rock scene, and the biking scene too. He has loads of t-shirts with skulls on, mugs, hoodies and jewellery.

Here’s a couple of examples that are in our house all day every day – not just for Halloween!

This skull print was a gift the husband received for Christmas last year. It sits perfectly on his record player cabinet, and conveniently hides the door to the meter cupboard too!

Outside, another of the husband’s gifts, this time from his birthday. This isn’t really a threat to anyone, as it’s on the inside fence of our back garden. We can see it from the lounge and it always makes me smile!

The latest addition is this glass skull from Homesense. It’s hollow with a sprayed enamel finish and I bought it with the intention of filling it with fairy lights and using it as a lamp. It doesn’t throw out a lot of light due to the enamel coating, but it does look very cool! We haven’t found a permanent home for it yet, but it will definitely be around all year through.

I know we have other stuff that we still haven’t unpacked from the move, including skull ornaments and a Salvador Dali print. It’s fair to say it’s a metaphorical and literal pattern in our home!

Do you have any particular themes in your home? Or keep occasion decorations up year round? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks, as always, for reading. x


Ebay crazy!

Sometimes there are things on ebay that don’t make sense.

Like the fact that a pair of nude ballet pumps from George, that only cost £6 brand new, have sold for £22. I’ve seen vouchers selling for more than their actual face value. On the flip side, other things sell for pennies. Madness I tell thee!

One of the problems I have with selling on ebay is that I tend to talk myself back into keeping stuff that I’m listing for sale. I’ll write such a nice description, with ideas on how an item can be worn, that I end up thinking I shouldn’t sell it after all.

But now I’ve turned over a new leaf in terms of what I do and don’t keep I’m being ruthless. 8 things sold at the weekend (although I must admit that I was kind of relieved one of the items – a pair of yellow shoes – didn’t sell, because I saw a lovely pinterest post last week that gave me a new idea of how to wear them and I secretly hoped no-one would bid!)

What to do with the fruits of my labour? Why, reinvest of course! And where better to buy from, than the crazy world of ebay, where pennies can buy you so much more than on the High Street.

(OK, ‘fess up time, I ordered some of this stuff before any of my items had actually sold).

I’ve mentioned the jewellery bargains that are to be had from China in the past, so I pressed the button on some bits that have been on my watch list (and some bits that were just impulse buys!)

Skull necklace – £3.48 (free postage)

Skull necklace

Coin statement necklace – £5.52 (free postage)

Coin necklace

Spider ring – £1.96 (free postage)

Spider ring

Multi stone row earring – 99 pence (free postage)


Diamante stud cuff effect earring – £2.65 (free postage)


Purple turquoise ring – 99 pence (99 pence postage). I saw this at a mega bargain price and the auction was just finishing, so I snapped it up.


And some hair accessories to pretty up my unruly, growing ever so slowly, pain in the ass barnet.

Elastic and chain headband – £1.00 (90 pence postage)


Beaded feather headdress – £2.55 (free postage). This is subtle enough to be able to wear it all summer, not just for festivals.


Feather headdress – £6.99 (£1.99 postage). Couldn’t resist this – I absolutely love peacock feathers. Hoping it gets here in time for Download Festival next week.

Feather headdress

Just in case, I also ordered a backup from a UK seller! (£7.50, 90 pence postage) Let’s gloss over the fact that my hair looks nothing like that…sob

Peacock feather headdress

I tend not to buy clothes from ebay due to sizing and not knowing if it will fit (such a ballache to have to relist) but you can’t really go wrong with accessories. I’m also currently in a less is more mood on clothes, and all about piling on the jewellery for interest (that’s not to say I’m wearing less clothes, obvs, just plainer stuff that’s the perfect foil for statement accessories). Ebay is such a treasure trove of unusual stuff, and of course it’s always exciting to get a parcel through the post.