Well done Meghan!

How wonderful to see Meghan Markle in her first public appearance since the birth of little Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. She looked beautiful – radiant, natural and just post-baby. Her still existent bump was refreshingly honest in a world of “perfect” celebs and their perfect figures.

Her tousled hair and fresh faced glow was very real. Her choice of outfit – belted and fitted and not designed to hide any post birth lumps and swellings – was lovely. The way she beamed at Harry as he cradled their newborn son was full of love and adoration.

I applaud her and Harry for taking the decision to appear publicly in their own time, when it suits them, rather than bowing to public pressure to do the traditional hospital steps photo call. Regardless of their status as royals and, as some would say, public property, they’re a young couple in love who’ve just welcomed their first child. It’s a special and precious time for them, and they shouldn’t have to stick to any timetable apart from one they’re comfortable with.

I also love the move away from tradition when it comes to baby Archie’s name. I don’t think anyone saw anything so “un-Royal” on the cards – especially the bookmakers who had the favourites down as Arthur or James. Not even a nod to royal tradition with the baby’s middle name either. I wonder if we’ll ever find out the reasoning behind Harrison? (I like to think Harry’s a secret Indiana Jones fan and has honoured Harrison Ford!)

Hopefully the press will leave them alone now to just be a family and enjoy these precious times.

What do you think of it all? Do you like the baby’s name Let me know in the comments.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first public appearance

First things first, I’m not a royalist. But I don’t dislike them. I mean, we’re a country that’s known for it’s Royal family, and it’s not like they’re going to disappear anytime soon (and, if they did, we’d have Theresa May as our head of state which is, quite frankly frightening). I truly believe they bring in a lot of tourist money to the country, and the Queen is an absolute stalwart. I wouldn’t want my Nan still working in her 90s. Plus imagine how hard it must be to be Queen? You always have to be nice to people, and there’s the distinct possibility that you’ll have to sit down to dinner with that oaf Donald Trump. In fact I wrote a post about why I’d hate to be Queen a while ago. Have a read!

Anyway, I digress. I think the younger Royals, William and Harry, are doing a lot to improve the face of the monarchy. It doesn’t feel forced either. I don’t think they’re doing it for popularity; purely because they’re younger, they’re more in touch with society, and they’re more aware of real life than their older relatives. Not to mention the fact that they’ve suffered real tragedy. Yes they may have had a charmed life in terms of money, education and where they live, but they’ve grown up without a Mom, which is ridiculously tough on anyone, regardless of whether your background is privileged. I like that they spoke openly about their grief and their experiences during the recent TV coverage of 20 years since Princess Diana’s death. Their human side is definitely what will keep the monarchy relevant for years to come.

Rumours abound that H is about to propose to Meghan Markle, and I even read one article that said he already has but the Palace are sorting out the timing of the announcement so that it doesn’t overshadow other occasions. If that’s true, it’s bonkers! I also read that if they do get married, Meghan will have to be known as Princess Rachel, because Meghan is actually her middle name so she’ll have to go by her actual name. But Harry isn’t called Harry, his name is Henry?

It’s such a shame that they can’t just be dating without the press being so keen to marry them off. It’s a lot of pressure on both of them.

Anyway, no doubt bowing to “popular demand”, Meghan Markle appeared in Vanity Fair magazine last week and spoke about her relationship with Harry. And I think they summed it up perfectly, they’re two people who are in love. That’s all that really matters. The photographs that have started to appear from Invictus Games events show them looking relaxed and happy, holding hands and laughing, which is exactly what they should be doing at this stage in their relationship.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

They shouldn’t have to be bowing to pressure to make statements, or get engaged, or anything that they’re not comfortable or ready to do. They shouldn’t really be under such scrutiny by the Press either, especially when Harry has asked for the scummy paparazzi to back off and leave them alone, and even more especially after what happened with Princess Di.

I thought it was especially nice that Meghan didn’t sit front and centre during the launch event; instead sitting a few rows back. It was reported that she didn’t want to take any attention from the focus of the event – the games and the incredible athletes taking part. And rightly so.

Of course, that scuzzbucket Piers Morgan couldn’t help himself but to have an opinion. And opinions are fine, everyone’s entitled to them. But where he proved his scuzzbucket qualities was referring to Meghan Markle as “the woman that Harry is having sex with”. Say what? Not actress, or philanthropist, or even Harry’s partner? No, instead he demeaned her, reducing her existence to a woman who is purely there for Harry’s pleasure. What a disgraceful human being he is.

To finish on a brighter note, how amazing are the athletes in the Invictus Games? Ex servicemen and women from around the world who may have been injured in conflict; using the power of sport to rehabilitate and give themselves a focus. To see them given a world platform and to shine is incredible.

Do you like the Royals? Let me know your thoughts on it all!

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