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She wore bluuuuuuuue velvet…

I’m currently mad on velvet, hence the title of this blog post (it’s a reference to the 1960s Bobby Vinton song of the same name, in case you were wondering. Extra blog points if you “got it” without me explaining).

Velvet is so sumptuous and soft and wintery. It’s comforting and cosy, classy but hippy and it seems to be everywhere this year.

It started with these Jeffrey Campbell rip off inspired boots which I bought from ebay. Check out the colour!


Then, I decided I couldn’t live without a pair of velvet flares. So 70s! So rock n roll! So cool! Luckily Forever 21 came up trumps, and I bagged these black beauties.

Not content with a triangular silhouette, I went in the opposite direction and started looking at velvet skinny trousers. I didn’t want anything too structured, but also didn’t want leggings. These ones from Boohoo are a perfect compromise – pull on style with no zips or buttons, but not too skin tight.


Then I turned my attention back to boots. Primark satisfied my hunger on a budget, with these plush grey ankle boots for just £15.


Finally, for Christmas, my sister bought me these from River Island – velvet and leopard print. What could be better? They’re so incredibly comfortable and anyone who comments on how great they are has to stroke them (I insist!)


I ordered a load of velvet tops in the sale (not to wear with the trousers and boots, I hasten to add!) but unfortunately they were all pretty naff and belonged in the sale (or the trash).

Just in case you’re disappointed at the lack of actual blue velvet, here is the aforementioned Bobby Darin song to please your ears!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


Its my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to…


Image from Etsy seller Sassy Baby Applique

A slight bastardisation of the Lesley Gore song lyrics, but as I’m not having a party it’s the most appropriate. And I have cried. On and off since Friday. It’s my first birthday without my Dad and I miss him. I miss his daft jokes where he pretended not to know the date or how old I was. I miss how he’d play me up and tell me I wasn’t allowed to open my presents early, even if I wasn’t going to see him on the day. And I miss him phoning me up, and the excitable tone of his voice when he used to say Happy Birthday to me.

I know it’s to be expected, with it being the first Birthday since he died, but I didn’t expect to feel this bereft. This is the worst I’ve felt since his funeral at the end of September.

I’ve had such a lovely weekend too, of live music and old friends and new friends and Christmas market and food and husband. But sometimes feeling happy can make you feel even more sad when it hits.

Anyway, not to be a complete misery guts I’ve busted out some season appropriate clothing – wearing my new velvet boots (present from me to me, via Primark) and my new sequin sleeve top (present from me to me, via Everything 5 Pounds) and I’m trying to have an ok day, even though I’m in the office. I’m also wearing red lippie because it’s fierce and my Dad’s watch so I have a little piece of him with me.


I’ve had lots of birthday messages from lots of lovely peeps and I have all my cards and pressies to open when I get home, and the lovely husband is taking me out to dinner.

You know what though? I’d give it all up for 10 more minutes with Dad.

Normal (more upbeat) service will resume soon. Thanks, as always, for reading. x


Silver boots of joy

I’ve been wanting a pair of silver boots for quite a while, but something quite subtle that I can wear on an everyday basis (as subtle and every day as a pair of silver boots can be). By that I mean not too high a heel, no extreme pointy toes or platform soles and not too shiny.

I had my eye on these from ASOS, and then spotted they went into the sale and there was an extra 10% off, making them a stupendously cheap £18.45.

These are actually one step beyond silver – they’re iridescent! Yup, they have a beautiful holographic rainbow sheen that changes from green to yellow to pink depending on the angle. They have a block heel, a square toe and inside zip, they’re super soft and squishy and I’m a little bit in love with them.

Now you may think that rainbow silver boots don’t transcend into daywear. And you may be right. But I like quirky footwear and I’m not afraid to go a bit left of centre, so I’m going to give it a ruddy good go. I’m thinking baggy black jumper, black skinnies and minimal accessories. Or, in nicer weather (big sigh) baggy white tee and rolled up blue skinny jeans with pared down make up and straight hair. After all, metallics are a neutral, in wardrobe terms.

On the flip side, they’ll also look great for a night out; especially to a gig where I want to glam up a bit but can’t bear the thought of standing in high heels for hours.

The final reason I had to have them is that I can imagine them adorning the feet of the inimitable David Bowie during the Ziggy Stardust days. Super sparkly pretty rainbow 70s rock star boots for less than twenty English pounds? Yes indeedy; welcome to my wardrobe!

Buoyed by my first purchase I was thrilled to spot another, definitely more daywear friendly, pair in Primark. At a purse pleasing £10 there was no way these weren’t coming home with me. They’re pull on, chunky and very comfortable. And the perfect foil to a rainy day like today. The skies may be grey, but my feet most definitely aren’t!

Are you a funky footwear fan? Loving metallic? Let me know!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


The £1.80 spend that’s going to make me a better groomed and put together person

How’s that for a click-bait headline?

But seriously, I recently spent £1.80 that has already made me look less shabby and more put together.

What is it, I hear you ask? (well, maybe not…)

These two products of wonder, from Primark.

Primark nail products

I’ve blogged before about the fact that I have lots of bad beauty habits, and neglecting my nails is one of them. I put nail varnish on and then leave it to wear off, or flake off, or  pick it off. I might then paint over the top of it. Basically I’m a nail sloven.

There are two reasons for this. One is sheer laziness. Whenever I think to get my scruffy nail varnish off I don’t have the tools to hand (and obviously it’s such a long way to walk to my bedroom to get cotton wool and varnish remover). The other is that I always apply nail varnish on the go and it ends up smudging. It doesn’t dry fast enough for my liking, mainly because I don’t allow enough time for it to dry properly and I’m always keen to be getting on and doing other things.

So how will my bargain bits help?

The nail polish twist pot (£1) is simply full of sponge soaked in nail polish remover. Dip your finger in, wiggle it around a bit, et voila! Varnish free nails. So, if I keep this pot to hand (pun intended) I don’t have to faff about with bottles and cotton pads and throwing them away. Can you say “first world problems”?

The fast dry spray dries your nails in 60 seconds. Simply spray it on and wait. I know some nail polishes profess to dry in 60 seconds, but I’ve never found that. Plus this spray gives an extra shine.

I have so many nail varnishes that I’ve never even used (oops) because I see pretty colours and get sucked in and it’s such a cheap little treat, but I never actually get round to wearing them. That’s going to change.

Is this a late New Year’s resolution?

To prove just how much this has revolutionised my lazy ass, here’s a (very poor) manicure shot of Collection 2000 “Shameless”. I don’t know how long I’ve had this, or even if it still exists, but it’s so very very pretty and I wish I’d used it before.

Collection 2000 Shameless

Collection 2000 Shameless in daylight

Are you a nail varnish hero, or zero?!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x






5 great things about internet shopping

I hardly ever go real life shopping anymore. I find it such a drag. Internet shopping is so much better; especially at Christmas. Who wants to brave the crowds of marauding stressed out shoppers buying things for the sake of it? And getting hot then cold then hot then cold as you wander in and out of shops? Urgh!


Here are my favourite things about shopping online.

1) You don’t have to squeeze into tiny changing rooms (H&M Bullring, I’m looking at you!), or changing rooms with the curtain hanging off and bits of old coathanger and chewing gum on the floor (Primark Birmingham, you’re guilty).

2) You don’t have to keep getting in and out of your jeans or shoes when trying things on (just do it all before bed time then get into your PJs, genius).

3) You can order loads of stuff because you don’t have to carry the bags, hurrah! And ordering more usually qualifies for free delivery, so technically it’s economising (but take pity on your courier when he’s delivering yet another haul to your front door).

4) You can do it any time of day (or night) whatever you look like.

Online shopping wine

5) You don’t have to mix with other people (I’m not anti-social but Saturday shopping crowds and queues for the escalator/fitting room/till? Er, no).

How did we ever cope without it?!

Are you an online or real life shopper?

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


Sheep in boots

Yes, I know that’s the wrong animal. But “bear” with me. I’m not “barking” mad.

(sorry, not sorry)

Sheep in boots

So, a few weeks back, the husband asked me if over the knee boots were “in”. The reason being that I’d ordered some, and he’d seen Caroline Flack (his celebrity crush > good taste!) wearing some on Twitter.

He thinks I’m a fashion follower.

Of course he doesn’t realise that I’ve been trying to get some for about 5 years. He doesn’t realise because I hide all the boxes and parcels and bags as I try to find the right pair.

And also, I know I’m not.

The problem I have is slim calves. Which sounds like a real first world problem. But actually is a ballache. I can’t buy off the shelf long boots, and I’m too tight fickle to pay for high end or custom made. I want Primark prices but not Primark fit.

The solution is stretch legs. Not my legs. The boots. I need some that are made from shrinkwrap fabric. Elasticated legs.

This year’s escapade started with an order from Deichmann. After the success of my stompy ankle boots, I thought that was the way to go with long boots.

Deichmann over the knee boots

They turned out to be slightly too baggy round the legs, but apart from that were lovely, if that’s the look you’re after. For me they were a bit too stompy. I wanted something a bit more delicate (like what I am, ha!)

Then I tried a pair in Prmark that seemed everything I wanted – from the front.

Primark over the knee boots

When I turned sideways there was a big flap of unfilled fabric around the calves. I don’t blame Primark. I blame myself…

After that, I turned to Tesco F&F. I ordered a flat pair and a wedge pair. The flat pair were a little bit principal boy.

Tesco flat over the knee boots

The wedge pair had some elastication but were a strange mix of fabrics. And I didn’t really want wedges.

Tesco over the knee wedge boots

So I turned to ebay. Good old reliable ebay. And I found a pair described as “stretch”. With calf measurements that suggested they would fit.

So I took a punt.

Ebay over the knee boots

They’re not skintight, but they’re pretty good. better than anything else I’ve seen or tried. And it means there’s space underneath to wear tights, leggings or jeans.

Plus they’re round toed, so I don’t look like I’m auditioning for Pretty Woman (the over 30s version, obvs).

So, is this a happy “follower of fashion” ending?

I wouldn’t know. Ask the sheep 😉




Hat-urday (see what I did there?)

I love a good hat. Great for a bad hair day, good hair day, feeling cool day, hiding away from the world day, roots need doing day, haven’t washed my hair hair day and everything in between.

My love affair with hats started when I was young, and would go shopping with my Mom. We’d head to C&A (remember them?) for our summer holiday wardrobes, and we’d look at all the fancy wedding hats – mostly big satellite dish affairs with feathers and net in the 80s – and sometimes Mom would let me try some on when there were no assistants around to glare at us, knowing damn well that a 10 year old girl wasn’t going to be buying the peach taffeta and lace number.

I always said I would have a collection of hats when I got older.

We’re off to a festival later today and tomorrow, and I wanted to wear my new straw cowboy hat, which was a steal from Peacocks at just £8 (the floral band’s a bit naff, I need to take it off and replace it). But it doesn’t look much like festival cowboy hat weather outside, which is a shame.

Peacocks straw cowboy hat

My current favourites are fedora style. I bought this grey felt one from Peacocks a couple of months back; not particularly summery but I did wear it at Download as the weather was pants, and it did me proud (£8).

Grey Peacocks hat

So I then bought the same style in beige (Peacocks, £8)

Peacocks beige fedora

My black one got dropped in the mud at Download, but a dusting down with a make up wipe got it back in service! (£8, Primark last year).

Black fedora 2

This burgundy one is slightly floppier (oo-er!) but I like the contrasting band. I might stick a jaunty feather in it (H&M, last year, can’t remember the price). Pang for longer hair.

Burgundy H&M hat

Bowler hats were my thing a couple of years ago.

Bowler hats

Trilbies are very easy to wear – I have a few! Can’t remember purchase details on these though; it’s been ages since I bought them.

Black spotted band

Black and white spot trilby

A pimped up leopard print number (never worn outside of our home!)

Leopard print hat

Straw striped trilby (H&M, ages old)

H&M stripe trilby

And 2 more acquisitions of the straw variety this summer.

On the left, £10 from Download (for when I got caught in the rain, I know, even the stall holder looked at me like I was demented buying something that would likely disintegrate on my head to protect from the downpour), and on the right, brown straw trilby, £8 from Matalan’s men section.

Straw hats from Download and Matalan

And then there are the 70s floppy hats – black, Birmingham market last Christmas (£8) and beige, Boohoo, £10 (I think)

Floppy 70s hats

I’d love to get to grips with them more but always feel a bit too OTT/look at me.

Me 70s floppy hat animal print coat Christmas

You can tell that by how I teamed the black one with an animal print fur coat!

Are you a headwear person?


Summer workwear – a variation on a theme

I’ve been a bit predictable / unimaginative with my work outfits for the last few days. I find dresses so easy to wear in summer – one item to throw on, no colour matching, no waistbands which can be uncomfortable and hot when sitting at a desk all day. All of these dresses are from Matalan, from last year, and all of them are crepe – the easiest fabric in the world to own. Lightweight and crease free, they dry mega quickly and don’t need ironing. I’d have a whole wardrobe full of crepe clothing if I could!

Pink dress – Matalan
Snakeskin and feather sandals – not sure, maybe ebay? Love these, they have 3 ankle straps covered in purple jewel chips and small feathers, and a tiny wedge heel
Jewellery: Turquoise colour ring – Primark, turquoise colour cuff – gift, silver swirl ring – Camden (present from husband on a day out)
Tortoiseshell sunglasses – Primark
Chunky coin necklace – ebay


Snakeskin feather sandals

Snakeskin feather sandals

Silver turquoise jewellery

Boho jewellery

Floral dress – Matalan
Red pointy ankle strap flats – Matalan
Multiple rings – H&M, Birmingham rag market, Primark
Round sunglasses – Primark
Freshwater pearls – Mauritius (present from husband when we got married, bought on the beach from a local fisherman)

Summer workwear

Red pointy flats

Summer floral dress

Summer workwear

Freshwater pearls

Blue dress – Matalan
Tan gladiator sandals – independent shoe shop
Brown iridescent glass beads – H&M
Turquoise colour ring – as before (Primark) / amber ring – gift from Mother-in-Law

Blue dress

H&M glass beads

Turquoise and amber jewelery

What’s everyone else wearing for summer?