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Sequins, fringing and chiffon – H&M, you ROCK!

Every so often it feels like the fashion planets align and something amazing happens.

That has happened this week, in not one but two guises!

Whilst I’m trying very rather quite hard to buy less clothes (while simultaneously clearing out planning to clear out a lot of stuff I already own) some things just can’t be ignored.

Like sequin trousers. I mean, just look!

H&M sequinned trousersI have a pair of matt silver sequin trousers that I bought in the sale last year and L.O.V.E. I wore them on New Years Eve with a black high neck top and black pointed stilettos and I felt awesome (this is the best picture I have, and yes that’s a foam light sabre type thing).

Me in silver sequin trousers NYE

So why would I not invest a measly £11 in another colour? These are slightly different style; they have a side zip (the others are pull on) and an ankle zip (what’s not to like). I’m just to have them in my wardrobe.

The second thing is this fringe skirt. This is the closest I’ve gotten to a feather skirt, which I’ve never been able to find (and I don’t imagine would be particularly slimming anyway). The fringes are made from a silken shiny thread and swish pleasingly due to their zig zag arrangement.H&M black fringed skirt

I have nowhere to wear it, and I don’t care! Its just fab. And again a total bargain at just £12.

A couple of extras I added to the order just because they looked cute (always dangerous) and now I can’t decide between them and want to might probably will keep both. At £10 each these double layer chiffon dresses are a great bargain and could be dressed up or down. The kind of thing that’s worth having in your wardrobe for a party but could also be paired with flat sandals in summer (the beaded neck trim isn’t too blingy). And the green is quite different to anything else I have in my wardrobe. But the black is too nice to send back. Dilemma.

But 4 amazing items of loveliness for less than £50? H&M, if I was wearing a hat I would take it off to you!

I have to say that H&M really excel when it comes to sale time. I hate it in store, but online is very good. They’ve also improved their delivery time  which used to be quite lengthy, and the return/refund process seems quicker too.

Have you grabbed any H&M sale bargains?

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


H&M…I love you…!

For these (which are slightly more silver in real life)

Sequin trousers - £15 20150401_082607

Which I have absolutely no occasion for but I have lusted over some sequin trousers since seeing this image on Pinterest.

Sequin pinterest

I love them so much I’ll wear them at home watching TV if I have to! But in reality they’ll look great with my longline racer back leather look top, or with a black cami and heels, or with a white vest and blazer (velvet would be great, but not particularly seasonal right now).

And for these:

Biker trousers - £15 Biker detail

To replace my current pleather jeans which were always snug and a bit too low rise and have languished in my wardrobe for over a year but I’ve never found any better ones since. Love the quilted biker detailing on the thighs.

And also for this:

H&M fringed skirt

Which is part of the Coachella range and has already sold out online (not surprisingly for just £7.99) and will look equally as good with ankle boots as it will with summer sandals.

And these:

White jeans

For being the only pair of white jeans I’ve ever tried (and I try every year, believe me) that don’t show pants through, don’t sit dangerously close to porno territory on the “waist” line and don’t look like Liz Hurley would wear them (she’s too posh for torn stuff). The fact that they’re described as “high” on the website makes you think they’d come up under your armpit, but to me these are just normal (it must be an age thing), and hopefully means I can wear them with a waistcoat and lots of chains without displaying muffin top.

At a combined cost of £52.98 for all 4 items (sequin trousers – £15, pleather trousers – £15, skirt – £7.99 and jeans – £14.99) I have done my bargain hunting self proud, as well as bagged some really cool stuff.

Of course the sizing is still rubbish, but I can forgive them based on these 4 items alone.