I’m not sure whether my arms aren’t long enough (!!) but I’ve never been able to master a blowdry. I get all of a tangle, and I can’t reach the back of my head, and the fact that I’m looking at the reflection of my limbs as opposed to the reality of where they are confuses me (yes I know I’m supposed to be a grown adult).

I’m also not very patient and, in truth, can’t be bothered with the length of time it would take to do after each wash.

As a result, straighteners are my friend. It means that I can just rough dry my hair on full heat as quickly as possible, embracing all it’s glorious frizziness, and then make it look like it’s not a pile of twigs I’ve attached to my head through the wonder of GHDs.

The only exception to this is when I’m on holiday, because it’s warm enough for my hair to dry quickly which creates rather lovely if wild and tempestuous wavy curls. The kind that work when you’re strolling round the beach wearing drapey dresses and sandals, but don’t work in real life in an office in the middle of an industrial estate.

So, how did this paddlebrush hair revelation come about? Honestly, it was as a result of me not being very great at being a girl. Again. I couldn’t find my own hairbrush. So I used the husband’s instead.

At this juncture I should point out that the husband is better at girls stuff than I am. Not wearing a dress and heels, or anything like that. But looking after himself and his appearance. He has a regular skin routine. He uses intensive conditioner and hair products. The background to that is that he has beautiful long surfy wavy blonde hair which is very thick and was getting tangled after washing, so his hairdresser suggested he buy a paddlebrush (oh yes, that’s another thing he’s better than me at – he goes to the hairdresser. I don’t). She said it would be kinder to his hair than combing when wet, and the padded bristle base would remove pressure on his head.

So, back to me using it. As I said, I couldn’t find my own so thought I’d make do with his. And the result was smooth hair that only needed straightening a little bit. I assumed it was just a fluke, so tried it a couple more times. The result was the same. Straight and smooth hair with a bit of oomph and bounce.

Unstraightened hair

I now very very rarely straighten my hair. In fact the husband uses the straighteners more than I do (surprise!) I haven’t adopted any technique, or spent any time drying in any particular way. I do exactly the same as previously; point the hairdryer and brush through.

Pretty chuffed tbh!

To finish, at risk of making the husband sound like a whimsical flaxen haired book character, he’s 6’2″, broad shouldered, with muscly arms and 2 full sleeve tattoos. It just so happens that he takes care of himself like a girl. And there’s nothing at all wrong with that.

Thanks, as always, for reading! x