One size DOES NOT fit all

A big well done today to ASOS, who have announced plans to start showing the same clothes on different sizes and shapes of models.

Because we all know that a dress we buy online isn’t going to look the same as it does on the model…don’t we?

So, won’t it be nice to see the effect of wider hips or a bugger bust or shorter legs on clothes before we buy them?

ASOS different sizes

More importantly it’s a recognition that women do come in all shapes and sizes, and that we want to see all shapes and sizes reflected in our decision making process.

Naturally it’s going to take a while to roll out across the entire website, but it’s already a great start. Other retailers take note!

Read the full story here.

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Ever heard of women’s clothes retailer Tobi?

No? Me either…until they got in touch and asked if I’d like them to send me 3 items of clothes and style them my way. I thought about it for all of 0.3 milliseconds before snapping their hand off!

Tobi is based in the US but they offer free international delivery taking 8-9 working days. It does mean waiting a little longer for your order than you you may be used to when shopping online, but a bit of pre-planning should help to avoid any disappointment.

So, what did I go for?

Firstly these floral jersey flares.

I’m a big fan of easy to wear statement trousers and these definitely fall into that category. They’re pull on style with an elasticated waist and a pleasingly flarey flare! These trousers will work for year round wear (except on rainy days, no-one needs a soggy hem!); I’ll add wedges and a loose vest top in summer, and ankle boots and a jumper in winter. For in betweeny days, a denim jacket will be perfect too.

Tobi floral flares outfit

Clockwise, from left: Tobi floral flares, New Look crochet hem vest top, Matalan crochet shoulder bag, H&M denim jacket, New Look pink suedette wedges.

My second choice item is these leather look flared trousers (a bit of a theme here!) I have some faux leather trousers, and some coated leather look skinnies which I love, so I thought a different cut would be a good idea to add into my wardrobe. Unfortunately they’re not very long in the leg, so wearing super high heels (which would be my preference) is out of the question (I can’t stand to see a short flare with a high heel), but a pair of cuban heel western style boots and a print tee will also work well.

Tobi flared leather look trousers outfit

Clockwise, from left: Tobi leather look flares, H&M (men’s) skull print tee, eBay red fringed bag, Office ponyskin leopard print boots

The final item I was sent by Tobi is this gorgeous wine coloured flowing fabric dress. I was thinking this would be beautiful for summer holidays, but it’s unfortunately very short on me (and I’m not that tall, I’m 5ft 6 inches) so I’ll be wearing it as a tunic top instead. I’m thinking it would be great with a pair of wet look leggings and some statement heels for a night out, or maybe dressed down over battered denim shorts in summer.

Tobi cold shoulder dress outfit

Clockwise, from left: Tobi cold shoulder dress, River Island leather look leggings, ASOS embellished clutch, ASOS ankle strap sandals.

*These items were sent to me free of charge by Tobi, Opinions and styling ideas are my own.

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Daisy Street at ASOS

Daisy Street wasn’t a brand I was aware of until a lovely lady I follow on Instagram posted a picture of some fantabulous boots she’d bought from ASOS in the Black Friday sale and I scooted over to have a look.

On the back of that I bought these starry beauties, with 20% off, making them a very palatable £27.99. I haven’t worn them yet, but even if I only ever keep them as ornaments, they’re worth it!


Then, what with it being January and me needing more stuff (guffaw!) I had a little browse of the sale and purchased these lovelies! I won’t be wearing them until the weather improves, as to me they scream for denim and bare ankles, but at just £16 they were too good a bargain to miss.


Their clothing is less appealing to me, but on the footwear front I could go wild in the aisles. There are so many pairs I covet. It’s worth checking them out yourself, but here are my pick of the pops (a mix of sale and non sale, all on the ASOS website).

Green and black snakeskin – swoon!


Western buckle sandals – not suitable for my lifestyle these days!


Macaroon heels – I actually lay in bed thinking about these last night!


Sparkly flowery heels – so pretty for a wedding.


Pom pom heels – ditto above.


Red and black snakeskin platform Mary Janes


Burgundy velvet over the knee / over the top boots


Are you familiar with Daisy Street? Have you got any of their footwear?

Thanks, as always, for reading! x




Silver boots of joy

I’ve been wanting a pair of silver boots for quite a while, but something quite subtle that I can wear on an everyday basis (as subtle and every day as a pair of silver boots can be). By that I mean not too high a heel, no extreme pointy toes or platform soles and not too shiny.

I had my eye on these from ASOS, and then spotted they went into the sale and there was an extra 10% off, making them a stupendously cheap £18.45.

These are actually one step beyond silver – they’re iridescent! Yup, they have a beautiful holographic rainbow sheen that changes from green to yellow to pink depending on the angle. They have a block heel, a square toe and inside zip, they’re super soft and squishy and I’m a little bit in love with them.

Now you may think that rainbow silver boots don’t transcend into daywear. And you may be right. But I like quirky footwear and I’m not afraid to go a bit left of centre, so I’m going to give it a ruddy good go. I’m thinking baggy black jumper, black skinnies and minimal accessories. Or, in nicer weather (big sigh) baggy white tee and rolled up blue skinny jeans with pared down make up and straight hair. After all, metallics are a neutral, in wardrobe terms.

On the flip side, they’ll also look great for a night out; especially to a gig where I want to glam up a bit but can’t bear the thought of standing in high heels for hours.

The final reason I had to have them is that I can imagine them adorning the feet of the inimitable David Bowie during the Ziggy Stardust days. Super sparkly pretty rainbow 70s rock star boots for less than twenty English pounds? Yes indeedy; welcome to my wardrobe!

Buoyed by my first purchase I was thrilled to spot another, definitely more daywear friendly, pair in Primark. At a purse pleasing £10 there was no way these weren’t coming home with me. They’re pull on, chunky and very comfortable. And the perfect foil to a rainy day like today. The skies may be grey, but my feet most definitely aren’t!

Are you a funky footwear fan? Loving metallic? Let me know!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


End of sale buys from ASOS

I’ve banged on many many times about how I’m a sucker for a sale, blah blah blah, so I won’t bore you with that again.

But I will share with you the bits and pieces I’ve nabbed in the ASOS sale. How lucky do you feel right now?!

Lemon t-shirt with California print – £8

Brave Soul California tshirt

This could well be in response to the fact that autumn is upon us. It’s a 2 finger salute that screams summer. I’m wearing it today. It’s cute.

Lemon suede touch and patent ankle strap pointy toe flats – £15 with an extra 10% off

See above. I like these a lot. I’m wearing these today as well. They’re rubbing my heels slightly, but fuck it cos they look nice and they make me smile.

Khaki t-shirt dress – £15

I’ve developed a real love for loose fitting and drapey clothes recently, which is good because I no longer have my early 20s figure which looked good in body con styles (thanks a lot greed, laziness and aging metabolism). I have a similar dress to this in black, which I love. This will work into warmer autumn days with ankle boots.

Black tassel capelet – £4.50 with an extra 10% end of sale discount

This is cool; I’m thinking worn over a plain white tee or a black vest a la the website image. It was a super duper bargain and not worth not having (spendaholic logic right there).

Have you picked up any sales bargains?

Thanks, as always, for reading? x


Twit of the Day – silly swimwear buyers, sellers and designers

Being, as I am, on a holiday tip and also being, as I am, less slim than last time I went on holiday, I’ve been shopping online for bikinis. My criteria is simple – minimal tan lines and enough fabric to cover more than my pubic region. What most people would look for in a bikini, no?

ASOS seemingly has other ideas!

All those straps, you’d look ridiculous after a day of sunbathing!

Strappy bikini top

Good luck with wearing a low neck top after sunbathing in this.

Crossover bikini top

Silly bottoms.

I’m no prude but this is verging on indecent.

Strappy bikini bottoms


What happens when you wear a strappy top at night or a different style bikini the next day and you’ve got white bands on your arms?

Off shoulder bikini

It’s nice for clothes to be decorative and pretty rather than purely functional, but really?

I probably shouldn’t single out ASOS as I’m sure this kind of daftness is prevalent in many high street shops too.

Is it just me? Or is this just silly?


Thanks, as always, for reading! x


My latest obsession – printed maxi dresses

I love a maxi dress, but clingy jersey ones generally aren’t flattering unless you’re stick thin with no lumps or bumps and seamless underwear. Even worse if they’re plain.

I’ve (fairly) recently discovered an alternative – printed dresses in flowing fabrics like cheesecloth, viscose and chiffon. When I say discovered, it’s not like I created them with my own fair hands or anything! And I’m sure they’ve always been around, just that I’ve never noticed them before.

My first purchase was this Mango one from the ASOS sale.

My Mom’s husband called me Hiawatha. That’s fine by me. I love the ethniticty of the print, the boho string ties and the split at the front. The colours are slightly more muted IRL. I’ve worn it with flat beige biker boots, lace up block heel suede platform boots and pointed toe t-bar flats. It will be great with sandals. It doesn’t need ironing (the best bit!), it comes out of the washing machine all crinkled and just dries that way (the beauty of cheesecloth). It’s perfection in a dress.

Next is this dress of dreams from ASOS.

The print is just everything. It’s hippy, gypsy, rock and roll cool, I adore it. The length of the sleeves is perfect. The length is perfect. The swishy chiffon fabric with a slinky lining is perfect (again no ironing). Unfortunately the dress itself isn’t perfect. It’s a button through dress. Button through dresses have a habit of gaping when you sit down, showing bits of tummy and tits that you’d rather keep covered. Buttons also pop open unexpectedly. So, after 3 wears, I’ve decided this one needs some work. It needs some kind of lining stitching on the inside of the button band so there is no flesh flashing when I sit. It also needs the button holes tightening with a couple of stitches. I need to work out how to make this right, because I already miss wearing it (in spite of the fact one of my close friends called me Margot from “To the Manor Born” when I wore it out. For the younger readers or those outside of the UK, it’s a late 70s TV comedy about an aristocratic couple. It’s not a compliment. Fashion heathen.)

Finally, this one from Matalan.

It does need ironing (boo). I wasn’t sure if it was a bit safe and middle aged so I questioned the husband who said it was. In an act of defiance I wore it anyway! It has high splits at either side and a blouson waistband. Toughened up with some studded leather ankle boots and a chunky necklace I think it worked. I’ll also be pairing it with my knee length gladiator sandals for summer (if it ever comes back). I love the colours and it was a veritable bargain (just £16 and I had a 20% off voucher).

I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more dresses of this style, and will be wearing these a lot this summer!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


Are tattoos on women becoming more mainstream?

X Factor, whether you like it or not, is mainstream Saturday night TV. So it’s great that Rita Ora consistently shows her tattoos on the show.

Rita Ora tattooed bicep

Rita Ora tattooed wrist

OK, so Cheryl is known for having tattoos but, aside from the one on her hand, they’re generally hidden from view (what with her not getting her bottom out on TV, as much as I’m sure some people would like her to!)

Cheryl Cole tattooed bottom

Rita has quite a large and visible inking on the inside of her left bicep, as well as her right wrist, amongst others.

Not only that, I’ve recently noticed a tattooed McDonalds worker in their new advert. I can’t recall seeing any tattooed females in an advertisement before.

McDonalds advert tattooed girl

Tattooed males have been mainstream for quite a while, and represented positively in the media (not the bad boys they once were). David Beckham is lauded as a family man and ambassador for Great Britain and he’s extensively tattooed, including his hands and neck which at one time was for the realms only of the real hardcore of society. Most young boy bands have visible tattoos these days, with sleeves seemingly de rigeur. One Direction have a large collective collection of inkings and their fan base runs from very young girls through to fully grown women (although possibly for different reasons!)

In the past, public representation of tattooed females tends to be quite extreme – those who have a lot of coverage (like Jodie Marsh). It’s good to see a woman in a workplace on TV (I know she’s an actress, but even so).

One of my main bug bears has been the lack of tattooed models on everyday websites. ASOS, for example, uses a majority of tattooed male models (including, most recently, one with ink on his face) yet there never seem to be any women. This reinforces the stereotype that tattooed women are very much an exception, and can’t be used to sell an image or product. Why is that? Does it suggest that tattoos are off putting and undesirable? Strange, when beautiful women like Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie are inked.

So I was pleased to spot a couple of female fashion models with tattoos recenltly. Small, but it’s progress.

Boohoo featured this model on an eshot (note the not huge but nonetheless visible wrist ink).

Boohoo tattooed model

And H&M went all out with multiple ink locations, including fingers, on an email advertising party wear, no less!

H&M tattooed model

What are your thoughts on female tattoos? Are you offended by seeing them? Are tattooed men more “acceptable” than women? I’d love to hear your opinions.

Thanks. as always, for reading! x


Metrosexuality gone mad

I’m all for men looking after themselves and taking care of their appearance.

Hell, I’m even down with blokes embracing their feminine side if that’s what tickles their fancy.

I like men with long hair and earrings (like my husband). I don’t mind nail varnish on a man (it works for my celebrity crushes Nikki Sixx and Steven Tyler)

But kimonos? On your average online shopping male?

ASOS male kimono 2

ASOS male kimono

ASOS male kimono 3

Meggings? (I kid you not, that’s what they’re called on the website)

ASOS meggings

Blanket capes?

ASOS cape

ASOS please! Just no!


My current favourites

It’s been a while since I did one of these posts. Here are the things that are currently dinging my dong.


ASOS 70s clogs
Do these need any words? They’re just lush. Which is why I got both colours! I’m hoping they’ll work with thick tights so I can wear them through winter too. They’re my favourite addition to my shoedrobe this year.

ASOS black clogs 2

ASOS tan clogs 2

Voucher websites
I’m perpetually skint right now, all my own fault (and with lots of good times to show for it!) so anything that helps me save cash is good. I have a couple of Groupon and LivingSocial deals in the bag that will help me on those weekends where it’s still forever until payday but I don’t want to stay home.

More specifically, selling on ebay. I’m all for giving stuff to charity, but when there’s potential value in that stuff I need to at least try and sell it first. Especially when it’s never been worn. I have a credit card bill to pay, doncha know!

It’s rare that I eat pie due to the calorie content, but last weekend I bought these beauties which we had with mash and onion gravy. They’re from Higgidy – feta cheese, spinach and pine nut on the left, and chicken, ham and leek on the right. I’m going to make a pie at some point, with filo pastry to make it more healthy.

Higgidy pies spinach feta pinenut chicken ham leek

Higgidy pies spinach feta pinenut chicken ham leek

Substituting rice for cauliflower rice
Beat the carbs – lower fat and lower calories means you can eat more of it! (that’s how it works, right?) Plus it opens up more mid week dinner opportunities where you just need that type of accompaniment (I try not to eat carbs in the week).

Blue cheese
I used to hate this stuff as a kid. But now I love it! On it’s own, on crackers, on burgers. Yum. Check out this lamb recipe which it works with too.

Tesco flavoured sparkling water
Such a nice mixer for vodka (you didn’t think I meant to drink on it’s own, did you?!)

Tesco sparkling peach and passionfruit water mixer

Now that the leaves on the trees are not long for this world, it’s important to have some colour through winter. I planted these pretty pansies on my balcony yesterday; they’re such cheerful little flowers that always look like they’re smiling!

Purple pansy balcony pot

What are you loving right now?