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“I can’t believe you’re still wearing a bikini at 40!”

So said my husband as I tried on a multitude of options for our impending holiday and asked his opinion a couple of weeks ago. Not in a rude way (at least I hope it wasn’t!) More in an incredulous way. As though women of 40 don’t wear bikinis.

(Sidenote – the postman could have also chipped in to this conversation, because I was in the lounge modelling my new bikini. And the postman has to walk past both of our lounge windows to get to the front door. The husband told me to hide behind the sofa. Maybe he did mean his comment in a rude way after all.)

Here’s the thing – I don’t like swimsuits. I find them claustrophobic. They cling a lot. They don’t dry quickly enough when you’ve been in the pool or the sea. They make your skin feel clammy while they’re still damp. They’re a pain in the ass to pull up and down to go to the loo. They generally have too many straps and are too high at the front and back leaving tan marks where you don’t want them.

I like a tan on my stomach and my lower back. It freaks me out a little bit if my middle bit is completely white and my arm/face/shoulders/legs are brown (I don’t mind white bum and boobs, that’s the norm, unless you’re a nudist). And I like the feeling of the breeze on my stomach at the beach, or the cold sea as I ease myself in, or the first freezing hit of the pool when I jump in. And yes there’s a bit more of my stomach to experience those feelings than there used to be. And no I’m not as young and lithe as I once was (although nothing seems to be drooping so far!) But I still prefer a bikini.

Why is it that we’re so keen to put women in boxes when they reach a certain age? Shouldn’t wear short skirts, shouldn’t have long hair, should dress in classic neutral colours. I’ve been guilty of it myself in the past. I probably didn’t think I’d be wearing a bikini at 40, because that’s not what 40 year old women do, is it?

Well fucksticks to that. Neither my age or my “less slim” stomach is going to shame me into wearing something just because other people think I should. Whether that be the husband, the postman or the media.

This is not (misplaced) body confidence, by the way. I know I don’t look as good as I’d like to. But I refuse to be uncomfortable just to suit society.

Last time we were in Greece there were two Greek women on the beach. Both large ladies, both probably in their 60s, and both wearing a bikini. Not a skimpy tie sided, triangle top affair, admittedly. There was a decent amount of fabric and underwiring going on. But they were there and they were chilling and they were talking and sunbathing and swimming. I assume they were comfortable. I do notice a lot less body consciousness in non commercial Europe (hence the male budgie smuggler not being extinct!)

I’ve blogged about this subject before, 2 years ago, post holiday. I talked about the difference between my early 20s self in a bikini and my then late 30s one in one. And I stand by what I said then:

“My body looks how it does because of the life I lead. I enjoy life. I enjoy food. I enjoy drinking. I don’t enjoy exercise!”

Anyway, here are my two new bikinis, both from George at Asda. And I will be coming home from our late summer holiday with a tanned tum, so there!

Asda ombre blue bikini

Asda melon bikini with straps

What’s your approach to swimwear? Are you a cover up or stuff it kind of person?

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Going green

If you’ve happened upon this post thinking it’s something to do with recycling or living a more sustainable life then…soz! It’s actually just a vacuous post about clothes (“just”, she says, as if clothes aren’t part of her life blood!)

I realised recently that I didn’t really have any green in my wardrobe. Then I realised that I wanted some. So, in true shopaholic style, I bought not one but FIVE things.

Have a lookie, why don’t you?

Teal sliders – George at Asda

Asda teal sliders

Crinkle top with white floral embroidery – George at Asda

Asda George green embroidered top

Frill sleeve pearl trim blouse – Everything 5 Pounds

E5P green pearl trim blouse

Floral frill hem ditsy print tea dress – Peacocks

Peacocks green floral dress

Palm print tie waist shift dress (WITH POCKETS!) – Peacocks

Peacocks palm print dress

Are a green wearer? What colour do you have most of in your wardrobe? Let me know!

Thanks, as always, for reading. x



Bedroom inspiration

Whenever I get back from staying in a hotel, I’m always really dissatisfied with my own bedroom. I know hotel rooms aren’t reality but it doesn’t stop me wanting a bedroom makeover!

Probably the easiest and cheapest way to revamp your bedroom is with new bed linen. So when Yorkshire Linens contacted me about their bedding, it was like the stars aligned (or they’d been inside my head!) I’ve been having a look around for some inspiration to jazz up my own bedroom, and picked out some favourites. I’d actually never heard of them prior to their email, but  Yorkshire Linens duvet covers are great, with something for all tastes, and the prices are really good.

This one is really cute, with lots of different colours you could pick out as accents in the room

Yorkshire Linen Love duvet cover

I like the idea of an Eastern style bedroom with lanterns and throws

Yorkshire Linen elephant duvet cover

Same with this one, I think it would work well in a Moroccan theme

Yorkshire Linen ethnic duvet cover

This is really cheery for spring and summer in an all white room

Yorkshire Linen bright stripe duvet cover

And this is very opulent (although a little bit impractical for me I think!)

Yorkshire Linen grey matt satin duvet cover

Now on to Asda’s George at Home range, which I’ve bought from before and always been happy with.

Traditional tattoo print – say no more!

George duvet cover tattoo

And this is just stunning, I love the colours and print

George geisha duvet cover

Finally to Matalan, again a first stop of mine for homewares.

Leopard print, because, leopard print!

Matalan leopard print duvet

More leopard print, because, leopard print!

Matalan bright leopard print duvet

I like the colours in this and the way it’s styled with grey accents.

Matalan grey and yellow blossom

My bedroom actually needs a complete overhaul; walls stripped, floors stripped, THE LOT, so I can’t invest at the mo, but it’s good to know what’s out there so I can start planning an overall look.

And, of course, when I finally get round to it, there’ll be more interior inspo images and photos of the end result!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


Ooh look, a shiny thing

I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to sparkles so, although I’m supposed to be buying less (guffaw), I couldn’t resist this sequin skirt.

In my defence, your honour, I have wanted one since time began (well, for quite a while) and while I really am trying to buy less, that kind of applies to buying less of what I already have, rather than stuff I don’t have, if that makes sense. As in there’s no point buying a new pair of jeans, but because I don’t have a sequin skirt it’s ok.

Oh, and also, it was only £6 so, like, no point not buying it. Good old George at Asda.

Sequin skirt

It’s pull on stretch style with elasticated waistband and fully lined. The sequins are tiny little ones that don’t feel too scratchy and they’re gunmetal rather than bright silver.

Here it is in the flesh (ceremoniously plonked on my lounge floor!)

Asda George gunmetal sequin skirt

Now, technically sequin season (i.e Christmas & New year) is over. But I didn’t buy this skirt with party time in mind. I want to wear it dressed down. I’m thinking tanned bare legs, flat shoes and a baggy tee in summer. Snuggly jumper and boots in winter. With denim or stripes.

Here’s my inspo:

(all images via pinterest)

I think this might work – roaring lion tank top and black studded hi-tops. I could add black tights and a leather jacket for milder winter days.

Sequin skirt lion tee hi tops

The key to keeping it casual will definitely be in the footwear. Add heels and it instantly becomes a more dressy piece. I think flat sandals in summer, maybe biker boots, a slouchy oversized bag and a messy bun will bring it into daywear.

I shall be experimenting! (and also not to say I won’t wear it dressed up as well!)

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Going boho with the Asda George sale

I’m a big fan of boho styling but have veered away from it while my hair has been shorter as it just didn’t really work (that sounds really stupid when I put it into words, but I know what I mean).

Now my locks are getting longer, I feel that hippy dresses and floaty tops suit me again.

As luck would have it, Asda had some perfect bits and pieces in their sale which I snapped up!

Embroidered front tie neck blouse – £8

Asda boho blouse

I’ve worn this with leather look jeans and ankle boots, but it will also be perfect with ripped blue jeans or denim shorts and sandals in the better weather

Crochet trim burgundy patterned swing dress – £8

Asda crochet sleeve dress

I wore this with tights and chunky lace up shoe boots to the pantomime (oh yes I did!) but can’t wait to pair it with bare legs and ankle boots or gladiator sandals in summer. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t need ironing, plus the shape makes it a perfect eating dress!

Totally bargainous!

Have you bought any sale bargains?

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


In the interests of fairness – let’s look at Asda fashion

Following my recent post around Tesco I thought it only fair to have a look-see at Asda. Their terms aren’t quite so good, in that they don’t offer free delivery, but you can collect at no cost from a local store and return for free via Collect Plus. Both of these options work well for me in terms of locality, so it’s all good.

I would say, in comparison, that Asda clothes are cheaper than Tesco but that is reflected in the quality. There are some items that look fab online but bloody awful in real life (then again that goes for the majority of online shopping – it can be a real game of Russian roulette). That said, I’ve had a lot of great things from there over the years; most recently my waffle midi skirt.

Here’s my pick of the current online stock.

Love these shirts – just £12 each. They’d be perfect for my new casual work dresscode with skinny jeans and pointed shoes.

Stripes now. I’d have been all over that skirt in my old job, but it doesn’t really fit into my current life.

Now, I don’t wear swimsuits (because I want to tan AS MUCH as I possibly can!) but I could be persuaded to make an exception for any of these. The bandeau one looks like a two piece from the back, which is useful for back tanning. But there’s also potential for flesh overspill with those cut out sides! Especially by the end of a holiday (I eat like a wild animal on holiday, Because, why wouldn’t you?)

Bit of a wildcard here – these trousers! I have no idea why, but I’m inexplicably drawn to them. They’re not my style at all. Maybe it’s just the colours and the retro 50s capri shape and the happy holiday feel.

Seaside trousers

There’s also a dress in the same pattern, which I think would look great for a wedding with some retro styling – round toe heels, red lips and wavy hair.

Seaside dress

I’d also wear this lemon print dress the same way.

Lemon dress

These tops are nice and simple and would look great with 70s style flares, sunglasses, a fringed bag and wedge sandals.

Last few bits now. Love this bandeau dress.

Bandeau maxi

This kimono is very wearable both now and into high summer.

Kimono £16

And, to finish with my seeming obsession with all things hippy and 70s, these crochet hem jeans.

Embroidered jeans

I think Asda is more well rounded in terms of hitting trends and breadth of stock, but as I mentioned the quality can let it down.


Throw some light on the matter

I’m looking to decorate my hall and will therefore need new accessories, obvs. As much as I say this tongue in cheek, because who doesn’t like buying new stuff, I do actually need a new lamp.

In true me style, this lamp must be a bit different, and not cost the earth. Because, like, going out and holidays and stuff!

This is my current hall lamp.

Current Ikea £39

It’s from Ikea and it started off life in our lounge. Then last year I replaced it and thus relegated it to the hall. It’s still a cool lamp, but it’s been around for 8 years now, since we moved in, and it’s looking a little tired. Plus it doesn’t throw out enough light in our narrow enclosed hall. It’s still available from Ikea, for £39.

Here are my picks after a quick mooch round online.

This one is my favourite, from George at Asda. The metalwork looks black on this pic, but it’s actually chrome. £15.

Glass globe lamp £15

Also from Asda:

Letter A lamp (£30) – shame they don’t do this in other letters./ Black and silver lava lamp (£14) – I’ve never seen this colour combination so may just have to buy it for somewhere else because it’s so cool.

A lamp £30 Lava lamp £14

Lightbulb lamp (£20) – quirky style, although the wood base wouldn’t work with my décor / mosaic base (£20) – this would probably give off unusual patterns where the light is reflected on the mirror pieces.

Lightbulb lamp £20 Mosaic lamp £20

Moving onto Tesco Direct

Frosted globes in blue and purple (£19.99 each) – probably wouldn’t throw out much light but great for a pop of colour

Tesco blue frosted £19.99 Tesco purple £19.99

Silver sculpture (£19.99) – doubling up as an ornament during it’s “off” days / white retro spotlight (£17.99) – there’s something futuristic and robotic about this that I like.

Tesco silver sculpture £19.99 Tesco spotlight £17.99

New York skyline shades (£17.99 each) – quite chic and unusual; be interesting to se the shadows from the printed shades.

Tesco NY £17.99 tesco NY 2 £17.99

Now on to Ikea, where pickings are thinner on the ground then I expected.

More coloured balls, fnar (£13 each)

Ikea plum £13 Ikea turquoise £13

Glass vase style in olive green (£13) – wouldn’t throw out enough light, and white frosted (a bargainous £7) – this could be a contender for a nice bright corner

ikea olive green £13 Ikea white £7

Dunelm Mill have some nice offerings.

Crystal hanging ball (£24.99) / rattan hanging ball (£29.99)

Dunelm - £24.99 Dunelm ball - £29.99

Lantern (reduced to £13.99) / antler base (£19.99) – I’m especially fond of this one.

Dunelm lantern - £13.99 Dunelm antler - £19.99

“Urchin” (£14.99) / black spotlight (£19.99)

Dunelm urchin - £14.99 Dunelm headlight - £19.99

And, finally, the good old High Street stalwart, Argos, with 25% off at present.

Sculpture (£13.49) – another ornament as well as being practical / hanging shade (£18.74) – simple but chic

Argos £13.49 Argos 2 - £18.74

Touch lamp “mushroom” (£18.74) – this reminds me of a buzzer on a gameshow / touch lamp bulb (£18.74) – quirky styling.

Argos touch - £18.74 Argos tough bulb - £18.74

As usual I have quite overwhelmed myself, and think I definitely need more than one lamp for more than one room…


It’s a midi thing

I’ve been having a bit of a midi skirt love in on Pinterest recently.

Pinterest midi Pinterest midi 2

Such a chic length dressed up or down.

Pinterest midi 3 Pinterest midi 4

Love the casual tee with the dressier skirt, and also the stripes and ankle boots styling.

Truth be known, they’re not a perfect style for me. I’m probably slightly wider of hip than is ideal for this look and I know the skirts will emphasise that, but I don’t care!

It helps that all of the images above contain items I already have in my wardrobe, and that their hairstyles are similar to mine too! Style stalking!

I just missed out on a black midi in the New Look sale (when I say just missed out, I mean forgot to place the order), and had put it on my mental to do list to find one at the right price. Yesterday, grocery shopping with my Mom in Asda and we just popped to have a look at the clothes and, lo-and-behold, a black midi skirt. Only 3 left, waffle fabric, stretch waist, and a bargainous £14.

Midi skirt

Better still, when I got to the checkout it was only £8. That’s my kind of shopping. The only thing missing that I would have truly loved is pockets. Everything should have pockets.

I’m thinking of wearing it to my sister’s birthday party tomorrow night, with a leopard print scalloped hem waist length top and metallic red peep toe ankle strap heels.

I’m also planning to order these two beauties, also from Asda, for a look-see.

Lace midi skirt Overlay midi skirt

I think the lace one contrasted with a grungey tee would be especially cool.

I can feel a mini obssession coming on!