It’s been ages since I’ve done a Twit of the Day post – not because there aren’t any twits about; mainly because very little shocks me at the moment in terms of the amount of stupidity in the world.

But I couldn’t let this story pass without comment. The CEO of the manufacturers of Doritos – PepsiCo –  has publicly announced that they’re looking into creating “less crunchy” crisps for women, that “fit more easily into a handbag”. Apparently women don’t like to crunch too loudly in public, or get their fingers covered in flavouring and have to lick it off, or tip the almost empty bag up to filter all the last bits of tastiness out of the corners (the best bit, IMO).

I have two questions here.
1) Who are the idiot women who responded to this survey? (presuming this is based on actual research and not some hair brained idea from someone within the company)
2) How patronising are the Doritos people?

I know there are certain unspoken rules around food consumption, like don’t order spaghetti bolognese on a first date (although I say stuff that, if you want it have it – food before dudes every time! Then again it’s easy for me, as a smug married, to surmise how I would behave, when in fact the world of modern dating and it’s throw away culture scares the bejesus out of me).

But really, crisps for women?

At a time when female equality is probably receiving the most media exposure of recent years?

At a time when the UK has just marked 100 years of women being allowed to vote?

What’s worse, PepsiCo’s CEO is a woman…

I do hope they’ll be in a pink packet.

Indra Nooyi, you’re my Twit of the Day!

What are your thoughts? Are you a loud and proud eater? Or would you welcome more discreet snack options? Let me know!

Thanks, as always, for reading. x


5 Comments on “Lady doritos?” Twit of the Day!

  1. My brain broke when I heard that story, and at first I thought it was “lighter Doritos” that weren’t so caloric and I got annoyed. Then I heard the rest–so stupid. I agree–who the hell is she talking to about the messy, noisy chips? People who probably rarely eat them and want to look prim, proper and coiffed all the time, and freak if they chip their nail polish? Real life can be messy, and women who like chips and want them aren’t going to fret about getting messy–you suck the cheese off your fingers and take the little bits out of the bag like guys do. The only difference is most women would maybe use a napkin and hand sanitizer or soap and water afterward to get the germs off (especially if they had to touch someone else right afterward or shake hands with someone!)

    • I’d be happy with less calorific Doritos! (although I only eat the chilli ones) but not happy if they were only aimed at women either. I love getting all the bits from the corner of a crisp packet by tipping them into my mouth; ain’t no-one going to stop me doing that!


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