A taste bending hot dog

I’m going to share a little secret with you; one that I was introduced to in summer (you remember summer, it happened briefly). You might wrinkle your nose or make vom noises. But bear with me.

A hotdog with peanut butter and jam is a thing of beauty!

I KNOW!!! I was shocked/horrified/disgusted/intrigued at the thought as well, but it’s true!

Here’s how it came about.

The husband and I went to Moseley Jazz Festival in Moseley Park & Pool and had a wander around the food stalls looking for some scran. We spotted the ingeniously named Piggie Smalls, and their menu of greatly named hotdogs.

Piggie Smalls hotdogs

Now I’m not a traditional hotdog lover, frankfurters aren’t my bag usually, but we spotted the Pig Daddy Kane with it’s PB, cherry jam and bacon bits and curiosity got the better of us. “Let’s share one,” we said, “in case it’s all kinds of wrongness.” Which, in truth, it should be.

Except it wasn’t. It was a revelation.

So we went back the next day and had another, in case the first one was a fluke. It wasn’t. We oohed and aahed and licked our lips and proclaimed it to be the BEST. HOTDOG. EVER.

And then, on the walk home, the husband had the genius idea to try and recreate it at home (we weren’t even that drunk). So we hotfooted it to Sainsbury’s and bought the closest ingredients we could get:

Pork and herb sausages

Whole Earth crunchy peanut butter

Seedless raspberry jam

White finger rolls

And the next morning we sat with trepidation at our barbecue, wondering whether the difference in fruit and the lack of bacon bits and the herbs in the sausages would be the undoing of our tasty memory. But it worked! Oh my god it worked! And it was so indulgent and naughty and guilt inducing but also so right and tasty that we had another one each!

What do you think? Does it work in your head? Would you try it? Let me know!

Thanks, as always, for reading. x



4 thoughts on “A taste bending hot dog

  1. estellosaurus says:

    Pig Daddy Kane sounds amazing!! I’ve never actually eaten a hot dog, but I did have a burger with bacon, peanut butter and honey on it once and that was amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

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