New stuff from Peacocks

I’m sharing my new purchases with you because in a world full of shit, racism, hatred and crap, we still want to look pretty, am I right?!

Look at these beauts from the underrated High Street hero that is Peacocks!

£35 reduced to £15 (would you look at that back detail)

£12 with a 20% off discount code

Peacocks pink ditsy print teadress

Liked it so much, I bought it in a different colour too!

Peacocks burgundy ditsy print teadress

I saw this maxi short dress one on someone I follow on instagram, can’t recall who, but it’s a thing of beauty (£20, with a discount code)

Peacocks floral maxi shirt dress

Oh, and this rather pretty flower headband, because why not? (£2.50 in the sale)

Peacocks floral headband

Have you bought anything nice lately? Let me know!

Thanks, as always, for reading. x


4 thoughts on “New stuff from Peacocks

  1. estellosaurus says:

    That backless maxi is beautiful! I don’t often go in Peacocks – the one here is a bit out of the way and on the grubby side, but I always forget to look online! I might have too now x

    Liked by 1 person

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