It’s been a while since I’ve shared my Everything 5 Pounds buys, and there have been quite a few since the beginning of the year, so I thought I’d share them with you.

I know I bang on quite a bit about this website and you’re probably bored of reading about it, but I’ve had such good stuff from there that it seems selfish of me not to post some pictures, no?

Starting with sandals. I love sandals. I love bargain sandals even more. I bought some from the E5P website last year before I went to Fuerteventura (read about my trip here) and I was so pleased with them that I’ve bought 5 pairs so far this year, even though it’s not quite yet sandal weather!

Two cold shoulder tops to wear with battered denim shorts or over bikinis on holiday

Two velvet kimonos, in different colours

A pair of “flatform” trainers – I love the simplicity of these (you may have seen them on my Instagram account)

Everything 5 pounds white flatform trainers

Various dresses – the top left mint butterfly print is originally from Apricot, and the third top left dusky pink velvet is DP or River Island I think (I can’t tell from the cutout label)

All that for £85! (plus postage). Pretty damn good I think!

Anyone else a fan of this website?

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


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  1. I keep wanting to order, but not sure on the sizing – guessing it varies if different shops stuff, but was never sure if its mostly true to size?I’m definitely going to place an order at some point. Love the Apricot dress and the flatform trainers! x

    • Sizing can be a problem, because if you want to return stuff you have to pay postage so it’s probably not worth it. But I figure if something doesn’t fit I can donate it to charity and be a good person. Shoes are less of a risk as generally sizing doesn’t differ that much.


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