Mind the Gap

Gap is one of those places I just never think to go in or look at online, much less buy anything. But I recently decided, in a Pinterest style marathon, that I needed some crop flare jeans – to wear now with ankle / calf boots and in summer with wedges and clogs. Here are my inspo pics.

I especially love the ones on the bottom left…swoon

Simultaneously the husband declared that he needed some new jeans for work, and with Gap 1969 being his preferred style and me being his personal shopper (!!) I headed on over to the website.

“Ooh,” thinks I, “I may as well have a look at the women’s sale while I’m here.” (always dangerous). “I wonder if they have any cropped flares?”

Which is how I came across these beauties.

I love the two tone denim. They’re pleasingly high waisted (I can tuck my post dinner tummy right in!!) and pleasingly similar to my faves above. I might let down the hems for that raw edge finish too but I won’t be wearing them with black courts (sack the Gap stylist!)

The husband told me they look like clown trousers, which made me love them even more!

I also spied these two pairs of distressed jeans, which I’m currently deciding between, to replace my beloved ASOS Saxon battered jeans, which are now more battered than jean and only fit for slobbing around the house (something I do well).

I’m erring towards the ones on the right as they’re a slightly looser fit, and in my head I will look as cool and cute as this when I wear them (in a less young, less slim kind of way).


What are your favourite denim styles? Let me know!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x




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