(silently congratulating myself on my oh-so-clever post title!)

I’m a big fan of a quirky cuff so when I spotted some interesting arms at Zara I placed an order and crossed my fingers.

On arrival I selected the most pleasingly flappy items, and here they are for your perusal!

First up, these basic-with-a-twist long sleeved tees. The fabric is very fine, so may need layering over a contrasting coloured tee for colder days. They’re slightly ribbed and the fabric basically isn’t stitched on the inside of the wrist, giving a slight flare. Burgundy is a winter fave of mine anyway, and the black is just worth having, because.

This one is a really soft t-shirt fabric and the cuffs are more of a waterfall ruffle.

And finally this one, which is again ribbed but has a bit of a sheen, and sleeves so long and bell shaped that eating whilst wearing will be a complete no no!

I love the 70s vibe to these and I’m going to pair them with flared jeans, which I’m totally loving right now.

On a side note, Zara’s styling and models really don’t do the clothes justice. They look so bloody miserable and gangly and awkward. Anyone agree?

Are you a Zara fan?

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


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  1. Love the title! I’ve been really liking these sleeves lately, but haven’t seen any tops I love. I like some of the Zara ones so will definitely be taking a look. Also, yeah I’m not sure the poses are doing it for me on these models x


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