Silver boots of joy

I’ve been wanting a pair of silver boots for quite a while, but something quite subtle that I can wear on an everyday basis (as subtle and every day as a pair of silver boots can be). By that I mean not too high a heel, no extreme pointy toes or platform soles and not too shiny.

I had my eye on these from ASOS, and then spotted they went into the sale and there was an extra 10% off, making them a stupendously cheap £18.45.

These are actually one step beyond silver – they’re iridescent! Yup, they have a beautiful holographic rainbow sheen that changes from green to yellow to pink depending on the angle. They have a block heel, a square toe and inside zip, they’re super soft and squishy and I’m a little bit in love with them.

Now you may think that rainbow silver boots don’t transcend into daywear. And you may be right. But I like quirky footwear and I’m not afraid to go a bit left of centre, so I’m going to give it a ruddy good go. I’m thinking baggy black jumper, black skinnies and minimal accessories. Or, in nicer weather (big sigh) baggy white tee and rolled up blue skinny jeans with pared down make up and straight hair. After all, metallics are a neutral, in wardrobe terms.

On the flip side, they’ll also look great for a night out; especially to a gig where I want to glam up a bit but can’t bear the thought of standing in high heels for hours.

The final reason I had to have them is that I can imagine them adorning the feet of the inimitable David Bowie during the Ziggy Stardust days. Super sparkly pretty rainbow 70s rock star boots for less than twenty English pounds? Yes indeedy; welcome to my wardrobe!

Buoyed by my first purchase I was thrilled to spot another, definitely more daywear friendly, pair in Primark. At a purse pleasing £10 there was no way these weren’t coming home with me. They’re pull on, chunky and very comfortable. And the perfect foil to a rainy day like today. The skies may be grey, but my feet most definitely aren’t!

Are you a funky footwear fan? Loving metallic? Let me know!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


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