What I’m watching – Dexter

I’m the kind of person who misses out on watching trends by virtue of the fact I never think I have time to follow things, or I get too easily distracted. It’s rare I agree to sit down and watch a film, and I couldn’t follow a TV series week by week because I’d end up missing an episode and losing track.

Besides, everyone knows that the best only way to truly do justice to a TV show is to binge watch it.dexter

The husband and I have talked about watching Dexter previously; although he denies all knowledge of the conversation, which is why he started watching it one day last week when he was home alone. This forced my hand to get involved too, as in truth I would probably have put it off if he’d suggested it. I’d only missed the first two episodes so I did a quick Wiki search to avail myself of the plot and joined in on episode 3.

So glad I did! It’s brilliant! Michael C.Hall plays Dexter so well; a perfect blend of menacing at times, socially awkward, bemused and geeky. As a blood spatter expert in the Miami forensics department his job is to investigate murders and contribute to the case evidence around them. It just so happens that he’s also a serial killer in his spare time – albeit only killing “bad guys”. Almost a moral cleansing exercise, if you will!

The final two episodes of season one were as well written as anything I’ve ever watched, with genuine gasps and shock from me as the story and characters unfurled. It’s measure of how brilliant it is that we finished the whole season in less than a week, and immediately started season two with no break.

The best part is, that by missing out on the show for the entirety of it’s TV run, we have a whole glorious 8 seasons to binge on. Perfect for those long dark nights curled up on the sofa.

What are you watching right now? Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x

5 thoughts on “What I’m watching – Dexter

  1. Mrs Strawberry Blonde says:

    Dexter is one if my favourite shows. I think I’d never have watched it if I hadn’t known Michael C Hall from Six Feet Under (which is one of the best shows ever, even the final episode was… perfect).

    I think now that you love Dexter, you should sport Dexter nails for Halloween. It’s super easy to do, I promise. All you need is white polish, red polish (choose a proper red, nothing too bright) and a toothpick (or something similar).
    Take a look at my latest Dexter blood spatter manicure:

    Which other shows do you like? I haven’t had a telly in ten years, but I love to binge-watch good shows too. Do you know Boston Legal? It’s weird and funny, but the cases are really thought-provoking. What about Lost? Have you seen this show? If not, I would definitely recommend it. You won’t be able to stop watching after the first 5 or 6 episodes.

    • This, tatt and the other says:

      I love that mani! Unfortunately I won’t get chance to do it as I’m a bridesmaid this weekend and that would totally clash with my dress…

      My favourite ever ever TV show is Sons of Anarchy, have you ever seen it? It’s based on a biker gang in California, but it’s so much more than that. The other one is Californication, with David Duchovny. Completely different but equally addictive.

      I’m not sure about Lost. I think I started watching it right at the very beginning but then lost track and lost interest. I remember people saying it got quite dragged out in the end, and I think I know what happened in the final episode, so jury’s out,

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