I got these cleansing pads free when I spent a certain amount on Nip & Fab products (can’t remember what the threshold was) and I thought, being as I love the Dragons Blood serum so much, I’d love these too (plus, free, what’s not to like?!)

Nip & Fab dragons blood cleansing pads

I’m a big fan of cleansing wipes. I’m don’t really wear foundation and only wear light make up for work, so I use cleansing wipes exclusively for cleaning my face (because I’m lazy!) I don’t buy expensive ones because I don’t see the need, and my skin is perfectly happy.

Back to these cleansing pads then. Honestly? I’m not a fan. Here’s why:

a) They’re too small. Way too small. They remind me of the nail varnish remover pads you can buy, which are fine for nails because they have a small surface area. My face does not have a small surface area (in fact it’s getting bigger with the amount I eat, but that’s another story!) They’re not ergonomically pleasing to hold or use. And obviously you need multiples to cleanse your whole face.

Nip & Fab dragons blood cleansing pads size

b) They feel foamy. I’m sure that’s part of their cleansing action but they feel a bit too soapy and sticky and don’t actually leave my skin feeling refreshed. I wouldn’t want to use them around my eyes because of the stickiness, I’d be afraid of it getting in my eye and causing irritation.

These pads retail at £9.99, so they’re certainly not cheap. I’m just glad they were free, because if I’d paid money for them I’d be pretty peeved.

I’ll probably finish the pot because I’m a cheapskate (and also because I have been known to run out of my usual wipes, I’m such a crap girl sometimes) but I wouldn’t rebuy or recommend them.

Do you have a cleansing routine? Or are you lazy like me?!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


4 Comments on Product review: Nip & Fab Dragons Blood cleansing pads

  1. I hate to say it but water, occasionally foam wash and nappy wipes the few times a year I wear make up. 45 only a few small wrinkles. The only times I get acne is almost always when I’ve tried to use facial cleansers, moisturizers etc.

  2. I hate when I try soemthing expensive and think it’ll be great and it’s just ‘nothingness’. Glad I read this, although to be honest, I doubt I’d pay a tenner for face wipes anyway. I’m trying to be better with my skin care routine, but have always been happy with good ol’ Simple face wipes. Tina x


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