Oh David Gandy…no, no, NO!

There’s no denying that David Gandy is a very attractive man. Personally, I find him less attractive than I used to, by virtue of my tastes changing over the years (kind of like how I now love salmon when I didn’t used to). But he’s got good genes, that can’t be denied.

He’s now the face of Wellman Vitabiotics, which apparently he’s been taking for years (yeah, course you have David, love).

The video looks pretty cool – lots of naked skin, sweat, muscles, cool cars, swanky clothes (swanky, ha, how old am I?!), sunglasses, moody glances to camera. Aspirational stuff that would make any man want to take Vitabiotics tablets and look like Mr G (because obviously that’s how it works, no?)

Have a look for yourself (you’re welcome)

So why, why, why, OH WHY has he allowed the team behind Wellman to style him like a dated used car salesman in the billboard adverts?

David Gandy Wellman vitabiotics

My eyes!

The tan leather jacket.

The nondescript blue shirt.

The navy blue tie.

The three things together.

If that’s what happens to you when you start taking these tablets, I’ll keep the husband firmly away from them.

Thanks, as always, for reading! x



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