Simple summer sides

Since we’ve had our electric barbecue / outdoor grill we’ve been cooking outside as much as possible; steak, chicken, sausages, even griddled vegetables (yum!)

As part of the appeal is actually being outside, any accompaniments need to be quick and easy to maximise outdoor time. Here are some of my recent faves.

Crushed potato salad

Crushed potato salad

This was inspired by a visit to Pietanic at Digbeth Dining Club last year; their potato salad was skin on and light on mayo. For this I sliced and boiled some new potatoes then used a potato masher to break them up into chunks before adding sliced spring onion, grated carrot, a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard and a couple of tablespoons of light mayonnaise. So tasty, healthier than shop bought potato salad and a good way to squeeze some extra veg in as well.

Tomato and onion salad

Tomato and onion salad

So simple yet so delicious! I first had this on holiday with my parents in Cyprus when I was about 14. It always tastes better in the Mediterranean due to their big juicy sun ripened toms, but it’s still a viable side dish at home. As simple as slicing up veg and sprinkling with a dash of olive oil. You could also sprinkle with a few dried herbs as I’ve done. We always order this at my favourite Moroccan restaurant near where I live; it brings a freshness to meats and potato.

Purple slaw

Purple slaw

A tasty and healthy alternative to shop bought coleslaw, and the colour is brilliant! Blitz equal measures of red and white cabbage in a food processor (or grate by hand), add grated or blitzed red onion, a touch of seasoning and some low fat mayo and mix together.

Obviously food always tastes better outside and you could make these in large portions if you were having a barbecue or party or, in my case, are just really greedy!

Let me know if you have any other tried and tested summer dishes.

Thanks, as always, for reading! x



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