Nature photo challenge – day 6

One of the most amazing things to me about nature is flowers. They’re just beautiful. I’ve been taking more notice than ever lately (as you’ll have noticed if you follow me on instagram!) and feel I’ve developed a slight obsession!

Case in point – my wedding bouquet, which was lillies and birds of paradise flowers.

Wedding bouquet lily birds of paradise

Just look at the colours and the perfection. The vibrancy. Each leaf and petal unfurled just as nature intended. It’s amazing really!

We got married in Mauritius and hadn’t chosen any of our wedding details before we arrived. We picked our flowers from a book, not seeing anything in real life until the ceremony. I was completely overwhelmed.

As well as my wedding bouquet, we had a huge gerbera daisy arrangement. The camera can’t encapsulate just how bright and perfect they were.

Wedding flowers gerbera daisies

The rules for the 7-day nature photo challenge are simple. Just post your favourite nature photo each day and nominate another blogger everyday, for the next 7 days.

I was nominated by the lovely Tou89Lou – pop over and have a look at her blog.

Today I nominate Holly at ClosingWinter. She’s recently done a huge renovation project on her garden, so I’m sure there are some nature pics to share!


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