A frivolous shoe purchase from Boohoo

I have interrupted the 7 day nature photo challenge with a very important post.

New shoes!

As I get older and socialise less, my need for fancy pants shoes has diminished considerably. I used to wear fancy shoes to work so I at least got to indulge my passion that way, but now I’m in a casual office I don’t do that so often.

The love of shoes is still strong though!

Which is why, when I saw these beauties in the Boohoo sale, I couldn’t not buy them!


Boohoo laceup snakeskin heels 2

I mean, just look!

Boohoo lace up snakeskin heels close up

They’re pretty impractical, and most definitely car to bar shoes, but being a sucker for an animal print as well as a hybrid ankle open toe lace up they had to join the club.

Plus they were only £12.

See how I’ve used my nail varnish to bring out the pink highlight? (you’ll be glad to know that my toenail is growing back nicely, after the unfortunate incident with the bathroom door last year).

Boohoo laceup snakeskin heels

I have a teal nail varnish that I could use to emphasise the green too.

I have no occasion to wear them, so I might create one.

Or just wear them to watch TV.

Are you a shoe lover?

Thanks, as always, for reading!


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