A greetings card gripe

March is a busy month for me. Mom’s birthday, Dad’s birthday, sister’s birthday, Mother’s Day, cousin’s birthday and 2 friends’ birthdays.

I have this same thought every time I’m shopping for a greetings card, and with the proliferation needed in March it becomes ever more apparent.

Why are some cards so bloody schmaltzy?

Greetings cards

A lovely card with a pretty illustration and thoughtful verse can be spoilt by something as simple as “thank you for being the perfect/best mother/father/person”.


In truth it’s bull!

No-one’s a perfect person, or the best person. My Dad isn’t perfect. My Mom isn’t the best Mom in the world. They’re both amazing fantastic people who’ve done so much for me; loved me, encouraged me, made sacrifices for me. But they’re not perfect people. I don’t want them to be perfect people. I want them to be them.

Similarly, I don’t then want a card that tells them they’re the perfect person, or that I think they’re the perfect person, because that’s insincere. I don’t want to tell my sister she’s the best sister in the world. Where does that leave other sisters? Are they rubbish because mine is the best? Are all other Mom’s sub standard because my Mom is perfect? Is my Dad the example on which all other Dad’s should model themselves, and consider themselves a failure if they’re not the same?

Of course not!

I know it’s petty and I’m probably being overly pedantic, but this is my blog for my rants and I wanted to get this off my chest.

Don’t patronise us, card makers. Keep it real, and we can say the things that we mean on our own.


6 thoughts on “A greetings card gripe

  1. mrsstrawberryblonde says:

    All the pre-written texts in cards annoy me. Do the card makers think we can’t come up with at least something like ‘Happy Birthday’?

    And there are the puns… I saw this super cute frog birthday card – but in the inside it read ‘Hoppy Birthday’ – oh dear!

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  2. Closingwinter says:

    I went to a craft fair in Brighton today, I found the most awesome card-maker! I bought a “you’re my favourite weirdo” card πŸ˜€ They also had “Happy Mother’s Day. I’m sorry I ruined your vagina” … That one might be a bit too much but I loved the uniqueness of them πŸ™‚ x

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