The great croissant debacle – Twit(s) of the Day

According to this morning’s news, Tesco will – from tomorrow – stop selling traditional crescent shaped croissants. This is because British consumers find them too awkward to spread filling on.

I’m not sure who’s the bigger twit here? The general British public for such a stupid opinion on a traditional food stuff, or Tesco for pandering to them?

Aside from the fact that “croissant” is defined in the Cambridge dictionary as being crescent shaped, and quite literally translates to the word crescent in French, what on earth is so difficult about it anyway?

I think the issue comes from people who are treating croissants like a bread roll that needs to be sliced open in order to spread the fillings. That’s not how to eat them. You should tear pieces off and spread or spoon the butter/jam/honey on to each chunk.

(actually, who am I, telling people how they should eat a croissant?! I should say it’s not the best way to eat them, from a sticky finger and crumby awkwardness point of view. But the internet says I’m right anyway)

The main problem is that it’s just another example of demanding consumer stupidity. Croissants are croissants. I, for one, like the shape. Way more aesthetically pleasing, and if you hold it up to your face you get a big croissant-y smile.

Croissant smile

(image from GoodyFoodies)

A straight croissant isn’t a happy croissant.

Let me know your thoughts (if you even care!)

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4 thoughts on “The great croissant debacle – Twit(s) of the Day

  1. Coffee&Bubbles says:

    I completely agree. It should also be known that the ‘correct’ way to eat a bread roll is also to rip off a small bite size piece, butter individually and eat. In a restaurant, for example, it is wrong to use your butter knife to cut the roll and then slather In butter and biting off chunks. Unfortunately another tradition dying off.


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