5 things to consider when leaving a Tripadvisor review

I rely heavily on reviews when it comes to booking hotels, restaurants, or even visiting attractions so I think it’s important for me to contribute honestly to review sites as a “thank you”; putting something back in for other travellers. Plus good reviews are just as important as bad – people are often vocal when they have something to criticise or complain about, but credit where credit’s due is important for both the business and the customer.

I had an email from TripAdvisor telling me that I finished 2015 in the top 1% off Birmingham reviewers, with 56,093 readers (go me!) so I must be doing something right!

TripAdvisor top 1%

Here are my top 5 tips for leaving a review.

1) Use correct spelling and grammar. If you can’t articulate yourself well, who’s going to take your opinion seriously? (clue, not me)

2) Only review things that are within control of the establishment. Marking a hotel down because it rained for your whole trip is just dumb. They can’t control the weather!

3) Be reasonable about expectation vs. reality. Going to a restaurant in Spain and then complaining they don’t serve chips shows a lack of culture and brains.

4) Be honest but tactful. Not happy? Explain what the problem was with facts, not just by saying “everything was shit”. If the food was cold or your order was wrong then say so, without getting personally rude about the chef or waiting staff.

5) Be sensible. Visiting castle ruins and complaining there isn’t a lot there is just a waste of your time typing and a visitor’s time reading.

Are you a review writer or reader? Let me know any daft ones you’ve seen!

Thanks, as always, for reading! x

6 thoughts on “5 things to consider when leaving a Tripadvisor review

  1. deletemeplease007 says:

    We were looking into splurging and going to a 5* resort in Key West. It looked amazing, loads of fantastic and glowing reviews about the place and we were on the cusp of booking when a bad review turned our decision around…and not because we believed any of it!! It was all ridiculously whiny… “How can you not have a plug point close to the bed? I need to charge my iphone!!!!”…”The TV in the bar wasn’t big enough and I had paid good money to be there and you ruined xyz football game that was on!”

    We decided against it because, and I quote from my husband, “If the people who go there are that spoilt, I don’t want to be near them on my holiday!!”…a great and wise man is he!!

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