Review: Dirty Cow Burger Company

I wasn’t aware of the Dirty Cow Burger Company until I spotted a deal  on LivingSocial offering two burgers and fries for a tenner (value up to £22.98). I have to say the location wasn’t particularly appealing  (O Bar on Broad Street, which, for anyone not local, is the bar crawl street that every city has where people get horribly drunk and girls don’t wear many clothes and the police invariably have to patrol the place at 2am every Friday and Saturday). Having said that, we figured that a Saturday or Sunday afternoon would be a fine time to redeem it as most of the usual clientele would be sleeping off a hangover and we could be in and out before the marauding boozers arrived.

Unfortunately, with Christmas, we didn’t make it into town at the weekend and so we were faced with a voucher about to expire and a choice of week nights to enjoy it.

Which is how we ended up on Broad Street on a Thursday night in January.

In fairness, the bar was actually fine. It was pretty empty (by that I mean about 5 other people were in there). It was bloody freezing (not taking your coat off freezing) and the music wasn’t to our taste, but the barman was very helpful and friendly and no-one was stumbling around or being sick from drinking too many shots, which had been our main concern.

I’m painting a great picture, no?

And so to the food, which is what this post is really about. It was good. Very good! The burger menu was extensive with lots of different flavours and combinations, and fries can come as standard or be added to with cheese, chill, bacon or pulled pork.

We went for a Nacho Libre (me) and a Big Brummie (the husband).

The Nacho Libre spoke to me as soon as I saw it – a 6oz burger topped with chilli, nacho cheese, guacamole, sour cream and – wait for it – nachos.

Dirty Cow Burger Company Nacho Libre burger

This genius addition gave the burger crunch and bite, and was also useful for scooping up all the excess chill that oozed over the sides. There was so much topping on the burger that I had to do a KFJ (knife and fork job) – the bun literally couldn’t hold it all together and, unbelievably, my mouth wasn’t big enough to fit it all in! My only slight compliant is that it wasn’t quite hot enough, but that did mean I didn’t have to wait for anything to cool down and could wolf it all immediately.

The Big Brummy is a beast of a burger – three 6oz patties with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and brummy sauce.

Dirty Cow Burger Company Big Brummy burger

Again there was no way this could be eaten by hand and mouth alone and cutlery had to be implemented. But the husband was very very complimentary (and his burger judgement is sound  as they’re one of his favourite menu choices and so he has plenty of  experience).

We went for one regular fries and one topped with cheese. The fries were just perfect. Golden, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and salty. Yum.

Would we go there again? Doubtful. It wasn’t enough of a nice place to tempt us back. But do we regret going? Not at all. We went home with full tums and happy heads. And for 5 quid each you can’t ask much more.

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


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