5 things you know if you have a December birthday

It’s my birthday on Sunday. It will be something of a double whammy, as I realised that I’ve told two different people I’m a year younger than I actually am in the past two weeks, so it will be like getting two years older, in a way. Gulp!

I’m not that big on celebrating my birthday, because there’s always so much other stuff going on.

Here are 5 things you’ll know if you have a December birthday (or 5 things to consider if you know someone else who was born this month).

1 – The offer of joint gifts is never acceptable. Would you ask me if I wanted a combined Christmas and birthday present if I was born in June? No. Stop it.December birthday

2 – Everyone is busy with Christmas parties and work events and often can’t make it to your birthday plans.

3 – People are generally in a festively excitable mood anyway, so you don’t get your moment in the sun where people are jolly just for you (what an attention seeker!)

4 – You’re not sure if your post contains birthday or Christmas cards, so often open stuff by mistake.

5 – All your gifts come too close together. Nothing all year and then an overwhelming amount of stuff pretty much in one go. If there’s something you want in summertime you either need to buy it yourself or wait (not good if it’s something seasonal!)

On the plus side at least everyone is in a great mood and ready to celebrate. Imagine a January birthday when everyone is skint and on a detox. That would be awful.

Do you have any gripes about your birthday timing?

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


7 thoughts on “5 things you know if you have a December birthday

  1. Rhiannan says:

    Happy almost Birthday!!!!!! My birthday is the day before Valentine’s Day so I either get a birthday present or a Valentines present but no both! But I don’t mind it because the month is always filled with hearts, flowers and Love 😉

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    • This, tatt and the other says:

      Thank you! We don’t exchange Valentine’s Day presents; I think it’s all a load of commercial twaddle! Cards yes, but gifts no.

      I bet if you go out for dinner it’s always Valentine’s menus and restaurants trying to cram as many people in as possible to capitalise?!


  2. Kalamain says:

    Oh, god… Yes… I get all this.
    The lack of presents or people getting two pressies in one (No extra spending). Even the cards were weird. The rest of the family would get a joint card (Me not mentioned) and I would get my own that covered both Birthday and Fishmas.
    I understand they were trying to be nice, but it just felt like I was being pushed out of the family. I got over that one later on when I worked it out. But for a while it hurt in a strange way! B-(

    Now, I’m an Atheist so I don’t ‘celebrate’ Christmas really, it’s just another day of the year, albet with better food and different music on the radio, so I don’t miss much. But I also don’t do anything with my Birthday either. Which annoys the wife quite a bit! B-)


  3. Coffee&Bubbles says:

    I have a January Birthday. The 3rd to be precise. It’s rubbish. It totally ruins any attempt at resolutions, people are usually still tired and hung over from NYE and then I have to wait an entire 356 days until I next get given a present. Because, let’s face it, I’m probably not getting anything for Valentine’s Day! The only plus side? It’s usually a bank holiday if it’s not a weekend and people are generally still ‘around’ before going back to work.


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