5 not so great things about internet shopping

OK, I extolled the virtues of online shopping yesterday, and I stand by those things.

Online shopping

But as a prolific online shopper (which sounds better than over-orderer!) there are things that I hate too…

1) Getting your hopes up on the perfect dress/top/playsuit, and then it turns up and looks (and feels) like one of your Nan’s tea-towels. Who said the camera doesn’t lie?

2) Not being able to judge the sizing by holding an item up on the hanger and therefore having to order 3 sizes in everything just to be sure.

3) The look you get at the post office when you turn up regularly with 73 parcels to return – the customers hate you for slowing the queue and the postmaster judges you for shopping again

4) Keeping track of refunds – did New Look/Dorothy Perkins/H&M process all of the orders I’ve sent back in the last 2 weeks?

5) When you can only return items to store, so have to spend AGES at the till while the cashier refunds what seemed like a small order online, but in reality is half your monthly salary.

Of course it’s a small price to pay, so I’m not going to be quitting any time soon…

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


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