This week the husband and I did something a little different, and went for dinner at the Fahrenheit Restaurant at Genting Casino just outside Birmingham city centre.

The reviews were great and it’s nice to mix things up a little sometimes. Neither of us are gamblers, so casinos are not our usual stomping ground (I’ve been to one a couple of times, many years ago for work Christmas parties).

What a great decision it was!

The whole experience was fabulous. On arrival we were asked if we would like to join, and advised that we couldn’t bet more than £1400 without ID. Funnily enough, that wasn’t a problem! Photographs were taken for security (fair enough) and then we were shown through to the venue.

I was a little concerned that the atmosphere might be a bit brash, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The gaming area is on one side of the space, with an opulent bar area in the middle, and the restaurant tucked away offering a quiet and sedate dining experience at the other side. We were welcomed by the manager who invited us to take a seat while he brought drinks to our table. We were given menus to peruse and then ordered our meals before being shown to our table in the restaurant.

Bar area Genting Casino Edgbaston

Drinks in the bar

The menu comprises a good selection of starters, a grill section of steaks and burgers and a mains section with various fish and meat dishes. For starter we both ordered the black pudding scotch egg; in fact this was one of the reasons we decided to eat at the restaurant because I’ve been raving about them to the husband for ages, and he’s a big black pudding fan.

For main course I ordered yuzu glazed pork belly with pea and potato salad, and husband chose the chicken burger with chorizo and halloumi served with sweet potato fries.

First the starters – they lived up to expectations and then some.  A crispy coating, not too thick or crunchy gave way to a layer of flavoursome black pudding encasing a soft boiled egg. It was cooked to perfection, the juice of the yolk spilling out and mixing with the accompanying delicately flavoured mustard aioli to give an extra bit of moisture to an already juicy dish. Just stunning.

Black pudding scotch egg

Main courses were well presented ; husband’s burger on a wooden board with a metal basket full of sweet potato fries and his extra side order of the house chilli and bourbon sauce.

Chicken burger

I sneaked a chip (because, why wouldn’t I?!) and they were so good; crispy, crunchy, fluffy and extra delicious dipped into the sauce which was a mix of sweet and fiery and rich. The burger toppings of halloumi and chorizo were plentiful, although he did comment that the chicken was slightly too overcooked around the edges rendering it a little crispy. A small thing to deal with in the grand scheme of things.

Close up of chicken burger

My meal was served in a glazed bowl; two thick pieces of pork belly on top of peas, broad beans, purple baby potatoes and pak choi. The crust of the pork was slightly dry in places, but the meat was incredibly succulent and fell apart on the fork. The salad lacked seasoning and was quite bland, but a good helping of salt resolved that and the freshness was a perfect foil against the indulgent pork.

Yuzu pork belly

Yuzu pork belly close up

Now, generally when we go out to eat I’m not a dessert person, but the dessert menu was very good and peanut butter cheesecake was too tempting an option to not try. Served with a smear of strawberry jam, freeze dried raspberries and salted peanut brittle, it was just divine.

Peanut butter cheesecake peanut brittle

Like contort-your-face-into-all-sorts-of-enjoyment poses divine. The topping was light and fluffy, with a distinct taste of both the peanut butter and cream cheese, on top of a sweet biscuit base. The brittle was crunchy and sweet and savoury all at the same time, and the sweetness added an extra zing.

The staff were exceptionally good – from the manager who gave us his personal welcome to the two waitresses who served our table; they were polite and keen to please without being too over the top or in your face (I hate that when I’m eating out). The ambience of the restaurant was really lovely; softly lit and welcoming.

Fahrenheit restaurant Genting Casino

Interestingly, the bit that put me off (that it’s in a casino) actually intrigues me for our next visit. I had a wander around the gambling area and it’s all very enticing – not in a “gamble your house” kind of way, but in a “this is something a bit different after a meal” kind of way. Obviously they’re equipped for big betters (and I’m sure that’s their preference) but minimum stakes on the roulette table start from just 50 pence so even just a tenner could be a fun way to round off a night.

I already can’t wait to go back.

Thanks, as always, for reading! x


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