In case I haven’t mentioned it enough this week, I’m going on holiday to Italy. Woo-hoo!

The weather forecast for next week isn’t great. Not woo-hoo.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you may recall that even booking a week away this year was not without it’s stresses, purely because of timing and where to go. When the deal for Italy popped up it seemed perfect. We’d be able to combine sightseeing and relaxing. Cooler temperatures would lead to smaller crowds and more pleasant experiences at places like Pompeii, while it would still be warm enough to sit outside in the sun at the hotel and read a book.

Now it’s looking like it’s going to rain. Quite a lot. To the point where we’ve even bought kagools (this could be my lowest fashion moment, but needs must). We might be lucky to hit temperatures of 20 degrees. I probably won’t be needing a bikini.

The eternal optimist in me says that the forecast could be wrong and we could get an unexpected heatwave.

The panicker in me is freaking out at having the wrong clothes (appearance is directly related to enjoyment, I don’t care what anyone says!)

The realist in me, while wanting to listen to the optimist, has had to come up with a slightly revised packing list. This is no longer the “summer holiday” I had planned for.

On the plus side, I pride myself on having clothes in my wardrobe for every occasion (aka – according to the husband – too much stuff). So I haven’t needed to do any last minute shopping. Just last minute planning.

Things to take into consideration are:
– We’re staying in an all inclusive hotel, so if the weather is abysmal I will sit indoors eating and drinking. All of the food and drink. All day long.
– We won’t need to go outside at night time, unless we spend an evening in Sorrento, so I don’t need to wrap up warm at night
– It might be cool in the mornings for breakfast, so my usual strappy playsuits will not be suitable
– I have a 20kg packing allowance

So here’s what I’m going with.

Denim shorts for daytime – cos my legs are hardy and can stand a bit of a breeze!
An assortment of t-shirts
An assortment of 3/4 sleeve tops
2 sundresses to be worn in the daytime with a denim jacket
Palazzo pants
2 jumpsuits – one patterned, one plain (the patterned one has a Moroccan multi print)

Printed maxi skirt
1 maxi dress – grey marl and black striped, from Matalan


3/4 length heavy jersey trousers
Half sleeve leopard playsuit
3/4 sleeve belted jersey dresses – one plain black, one spotted

Fringed maxi skirt (because I love it and I’ve only worn it once this year)
Cream long sleeve lace top to wear over a bandeau/with fringed maxi skirt
A couple of camis
Daytime pegleg trousers – a bit of red leopard print!

2 vintage style angel sleeve dresses
2 bikinis (I’m going in the pool, even if it’s raining!)

I may very well be able to mix daywear and nightwear, perhaps even wearing some stuff twice if needed (I’m aghast at this thought, but the trousers/jumpsuit can be worn in the daytime if it gets particularly cold)

Footwear is more of a problem. I only ever take sandals on holiday!

2 x hi tops (one to wear, one to dry out in case of rain)
Black glads
Roman sandals (evening)
Nude wooden wedges (evening)
White jewelled ankle strap sandals (evening)
White thick strap sandals and cream thick strap sandals for daytime, on the off chance the weather forecasters are all on drugs and it turns out grand

It’s been less stressful than I first anticipated and I haven’t struggled with my luggage allowance for a change. The main issue has been the husband. He’s Mr Stress when it comes to packing, and we invariably end up arguing! I’m much more laid back. After all, things have a way of coming together, and I’ve never gone on a holiday yet where I’ve screwed up badly and forgotten anything major.

So that’s that!

See you in a week!


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