When is a pub not just a pub…?

…When it’s the Prince of Wales in Moseley!

Prince of Wales Moseley

When it has a moose head on the wall in the bar

Prince of Wales moosehead

When the bar is as traditional as this, and serves an ever changing selection of craft beers, ales, wines and spirits

Prince of Wales bar

When it has a cosy snug which has real log fires in winter

Prince of Wales snug

When it has traditional Victorian details like this tiled mirror and walls

Prince of Wales mirror

Prince of Wales tiles

Prince of Wales details

When it has a massive beer garden that’s half covered and heated so you can use it all year

Prince of Wales garden

Prince of Wales garden 2

Prince of Wales outside

When it has a purpose built cigar hut – La Choza – selling Cuban cigars

Prince of Wales cigar hut

When it has a tiki cocktail bar serving traditional cocktails and house specials

Prince of Wales motiki bar 3

Prince of Wales garden 3

Prince of Wales motiki bar 2

When it has a “Shed du Vin” selling bottles of wine and snacks

Prince of Wales Shed du Vin

When it has it’s very own street food vendor onsite – Chillidogdogs (more on that in my next post).

Prince of Wales Chillidogdogs

When it’s the most creative, cool and unusual pub you’ve ever been to!

The Prince of Wales dates back to 1861. The current landlord and landlady have been there since 2007, and transformed it from an old man’s boozer into the unique, charming, fun place it is today.They have recently been named UK Licensees of the Year, beating 50,000 others across the country.

There’s a plot of land next to the pub which has been earmarked for development into apartments. If that happens there’s a good chance the new residents would complain about noise and the Prince would get closed down.

That would be a travesty. It was ‘ere first.

I never understand people who move in near to a place they know will generate noise and then complain. It’s already happened to a couple of places in Birmingham City Centre.

Let’s hope common sense prevails.

All hail The Prince!


0 thoughts on “When is a pub not just a pub…?

  1. Bill Lees says:

    “There’s a good chance the new residents would complain about noise and the Prince would get closed down.”. Is there? What evidence to you have for that? Is the PoW particularly noisy? If it is, then don’t you think it could, or even should, do something about that?

    • This, tatt and the other says:

      I’ve seen it happen with other Birmingham pubs; namely the Rainbow and the Spotted Dog – both of whom had complaints from residents of homes built after the pub.

      The Prince isn’t particularly noisy, but it is a pub which is very outdoor focussed. I just hope that anyone moving into the area does so for the right reason.

      Moseley was recently featured in the Sunday Times as the best place to live in the UK, citing reasons like lots of outdoor space. If people move to the area with children, for example, they need to be aware that one of the big attractions of Moseley is it’s thriving social scene, which is to be encouraged – not thwarted.


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