Blind optimism or sheer shoe-pidity?

That’s the question behind the fact I’m still buying summer sandals. I’m clinging on to summer for as long as I can and I intend on wearing sandals for as long as I can too.

Plus the fact that our summer holiday abroad is a late one this year means I have more opportunity to wear them than usual (spot the furious justification to myself and the husband, if he’s reading!)

Plus buying in the sales now means I’ll have new-ish stuff for early doors next year and therefore technically save myself some money on new season prices (already counting down to summer 2016!)

These were just £8 in the F&F sale, reduced from £28.Tesco wedges 2

Tesco wedges

Not worth not buying really (shoe lover’s logic). And I’ve already worn them yesterday so they’re already earning their keep. I love the contrast of colours, the chunky sole and the sporty styling, plus they’re heavy enough to not look “high summer” and therefore completely acceptable to wear in September.

What I’ve really been after, for a long long time, is a pair of lace up the leg sandals. I’ve long been a fan of things that lace up the leg (when I say things, I mean shoes, obvs); they’re just fab. Not entirely sure what it is about them, but I love them. They’re interesting, unusual and quirky.

I ordered a pair from Boohoo about a month ago (amongst my other Boohoo goodies which you can see here and here) and I had high hopes for them, but alas they were too wide for my skinny calves (which are more of a pain than you would imagine) and even tied as tight as could be they still gaped. So disappointing.

Ebay is my usual turn for anything a bit different – you can usually find everything on ebay. Most of the ones I saw were about £30 plus, which I know on a cost per wear basis would pay for themselves but I am somewhat overcommitted in the financial department at the mo (ahem) so what I really needed is much cheapness. Plus a lot of them are from Chinese sellers, and I’ve been stung before with sizes coming up small, and it usually costs as much to return something to China as it does to buy a small uninhabited island in the Pacific.

But then I stumbled on these (not my legs!)

Roman lace up sandals 2

Roman lace up sandals

For less than £12 they were worth a punt and I’m glad I took the risk. They fasten with a zip up the back but the laces are adjustable so I can tighten them to fit. Deffo coming to Italy with me, although I might look a bit like I’m in fancy dress when we go to the Roman ruins!

Anyone else still firmly in a summer mindset and refusing to give in?!


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