I’m finally getting to a stage where I no longer hate my hair.

So, in a bid to dissuade myself from ever suffering such trauma again, I’m immortalising my experiences, so next time I pick up the scissors I can revisit the raw drama and step away from the snip…


“Dear me,

Don’t cut your hair above shoulder length again. Hell, don’t even go to shoulder length! It’s a rotten pain to grow through an inbetweeny length, it looks dweeby, it ages you (more and more important as time goes on, you need all the help you can get!) and you’ll regret it.

Remember Nice, where it was too short to wear in a ponytail and did that horrible flicky thing.Me in Nice 2

Look at this photo, when you’re finally starting to like it again, and remember the pain it took to get here.


Watch this video, and all the pretty things you can do with long hair, and step away from the scissors.

And for God’s sake DO NOT cut a bloody fringe. Nothing good can come of that!

You’re very welcome.

Love from you, 2015″


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  1. I call the in-between stage “The Mushroom” and woe betide any hair dresser who thinks they can apply layers that cause this hair stage to me! I’m having an odd problem with lots of hair coming out plus lots of weird fluffy baby hair replacing it. I’m somewhat tufty. Is it too much to ask to want to look like Giselle?!

    • Hairdressers are my nemesis. Urgh.

      Maybe you have a vitamin deficiency that’s affecting your hair? Holland & Barrett do some good stuff for strong hair and nails. And sea kelp has worked for me in the past.

      Jen-An is my hair idol. Even back in the Rachel days.



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