Goodbye House of Blues Los Angeles

House of Blues Los Angeles closed it’s doors last week – yet another iconic music venue which is no more.

  House of Blues Los Angeles closed

I went to House of Blues a few times during my trips to LA. I saw Motley Crue being honoured there as part of Sunset Strip Music Festival exactly 4 years ago today.

Motley Crue at House of Blues Los Angeles

Nikki Sixx, swoon…

Nikki Sixx at House of Blues Los Angeles

Surviving members of The Doors played on the same night. That’s pretty legendary!

Steel Panther, poo-pooed by many for being a comedy band but who are actually great performers and musicians, played a regular Monday night residency.

Steel Panther at House of Blues Los Angeles

The after parties following the shows were amazing; raucous, loud and drunken.

The building itself is so cool – looking like a beat up old ramshackle tin shed, it’s size is deceptive.

House of Blues Los Angeles

With a restaurant area, large gig space and balcony bars it was a really great, quirky, unusual place serving Deep South inspired food, good measures and quality sound.

It’s sad that it’s closed. It’s even more sad that the building will be torn down and replaced with hotels, condos and entertainment spaces. West Hollywood is losing it’s musical edge and appeal; the history which made it the iconic hang out being plastered over with bricks and mortar to reap financial reward.