Fight the flab – time to get moving

I’m very much a nothing or almost nothing kind of exerciser – I HATE exercise with a passion. It just feels so forced.


I’ve tried on about 3 different occasions this year to do the C25k running plan – I even went out and bought running trainers – but something better always gets in the way! (any excuse – the weather’s bad, the weather’s good, I’m tired, I need to tidy up at home, let’s go to the pub – ANYTHING!)

However I have been gaining a bit of weight and feeling flabby so I know I need to do something (I also need to lose some weight so I can gorge myself on Italian food when we go away in October – lose it to gain it!). I don’t want to give in to weight gain. I know the more I leave it the more I will have to lose, which will be harder work. Plus I refuse to replace my clothes with bigger clothes. I really like my clothes!

I know that my main problem areas with weight are wine, and lack of restraint at weekends. Neither of which I’m really keen to stop, so getting physical needs to become part of the equation.

After a couple of weeks of deliberating, I finally got myself in the right mindset last week, plus it makes sense to actually use the trainers I spent so long deliberating over earlier this year. I was very girly when it came to buying them. Firstly I really didn’t want to spend any money on sports gear precisely because I’m so fickle and would rather buy nice things like lipsticks and heels. When I gave in to the idea that I would have to invest some cash, it was of utmost importance that I liked the trainers. Not enough that they’re comfortable, feel good, support me (whatevs); they have to be nice to look at. I know I’m not alone in this! Which is why it took me 3 visits to different sports shops in 2 different towns before I found some I liked.

Adidas running shoes

(they are actually very comfortable too, and were a relative bargain at £36, from Sports Direct)

So I’ve been out a handful of times for a hybrid walk/jog type thing and I’ve actually enjoyed it – the sun was shining and I took a picturesque route which made a difference. Also, going at my own pace with no time goal meant I didn’t feel rubbish if I had to stop (something I did find with the C25k podcast – it’s too regimented for my needs, even though it is actually pretty laid back, that’s how unfit I am!).

I’ve also decided I’m going to rejoin the gym (urgh). I want to try and get to grips with Bodypump. This is how I feel about that prospect:

Kill me

I’ve done it once before, many moons ago, but I didn’t know what any of the equipment was and I was with a friend so we spent most of the class giggling at each other. This time I’m going to ask about the kit and the routine and everything first, so at least I’m not floundering wildly. Although I have such pathetic upper body strength that I’d probably struggle lifting Hula Hoops (mmmm…crisps…)

My gym also does 30 minute pack workouts with a personal trainer, and I think even I can manage 30 minutes if I’m being pushed by someone! (or, failing that, cry badly enough that they’ll take pity and let me leave).

Of course the key will be going straight from work. I’m even going to change at work so I’m in the mindset, because if I leave it ’til I get to the gym changing room I’m likely to drive straight past and go home…

I even said no to a Chinese takeaway last night!

Operation Italy starts here!


0 thoughts on “Fight the flab – time to get moving

  1. balletandboxing says:

    What about taking up an activity? Boxing, squash, Zumba, anything that is a class?

    I find the social aspect makes it much more bearable. I hate going to the gym on my own, too. I much rather learn a new activity or skill set and make friends while getting my sweaty move on.

    • This, tatt and the other says:

      I struggle to keep up in a class, plus I get very self conscious that everyone is better than me and therefore feel like a failure.

      I’m impatient too – if I don’t “get” something immediately then I lose interest very quickly. I’m not one for pushing myself or persevering (pathetic!)

      I have just rejoined the gym online though, so going to try and go tonight and find out more about the group workouts.

      I assume from your blog name you’re a very active person?

      • balletandboxing says:

        I am active NOW. But I am perpetually lazy : if it weren’t for the fact that my boxing gym is like my family, I would never workout. I don’t workout, outside of the boxing gym, other than walking/public transportation.

        I was a legit cripple my entire adolescence: I only was cleared medically to do light exercise at 17 years old. After spending the previous 6 years being overweight and incapacitated, with a non-existent body image, I most definitely can relate to many of the anxiety inducing scenarios that come with trying to get in shape. Took me a long time to find what works: solo workouts, regular gym, etc. personally, I find the encouragement that comes from classmates far outweighs the embarrassment of being the least athletically gifted person on the planet.

        But obvi, what matters is finding something you like and looking good while you do it – I COMPLETELY understand the need to CAREFULLY select trainers. And sports tops. And leggings. My gym bag is pink.

        • This, tatt and the other says:

          Wow, that sounds tough. There’s a real mental difference between not wanting to exercise and not being able to.

          I approve of the pink gymbag!

          I don’t really walk either – drive to the shop, to work, etc. Sedentary job.

          Luckily I don’t gain as much weight as I should from the amount I eat; I’m very lucky in that respect.

    • This, tatt and the other says:

      Ha, I’ve been looking for something I like for most of my adult life!

      The trouble is that I don’t enjoy anything as much as I enjoy eating and being sedentary. I’ve never really got that exercise buzz.

      So I just have to grit my teeth and get through it.

      I only want to lose around 8-9lbs, so it’s not insurmountable by any means. If I ever put a whole heap of weight on I’d probably never bounce back.


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