I’ll be there for you…

…as long as you can get to London that is…

If you read the blog title as the tuneful refrain of the Friends theme tune then have a point (there’s no prize, but recognition is good).

Cast of Friends

I was only thinking to myself this morning just how much Friends is part of every day life and how I refer to the characters almost like acquaintances from real life (“you know, Joey from Friends“). A colleague at work is in the early stages of pregnancy and I mentioned this morning about when Ross and Rachel had the first scan and Rachel couldn’t see the baby. I thought everybody refers to Friends in that way, but judging by the way she looked at me with confusion then obviously not.

Friends is always on. Always. And it’s still always funny! I can’t think of any other programme that has such a level of longevity and is watchable over and over again. Sometimes it’s even funnier because you know what’s coming!

And of course there’s the age old deliberation of who’s your favourite. I veer from Joey to Chandler to Rachel. It all depends on the episode. But I do know that Ross is my least favourite! (although I also know that his annoying side is one of the foils that makes the other characters so likeable).

At the weekend we ended up watching 2-3 episodes back to back, even though we’ve seen them before. Friends is like a comforting hug. When there’s nothing else on TV you can easily sink into it’s warm familiarity and you know it will leave you with a good feeling.

So it was with a sense of excitement that I saw a news article this morning that Comedy Central is bringing a Friends Fest to the UK! It will feature replicas of Monica’s apartment, a Central Perk coffee shop, the fountain from the credits – how exciting! And knowing how much my husband loves Friends, my first thought was “I’ll grab some tickets”.

Foiled – it’s only on for 5 days, in London. From a Wednesday to a Sunday.

Issues I have with this:

  • We’re in Cornwall for a long weekend
  • We don’t have any spare annual leave to facilitate a mid week visit
  • It would involve a trip to the capital

The last one is perhaps my biggest gripe. LONDON IS NOT THE CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE!!!


Phew, I already feel slightly better. It’s so annoying that London seems to get everything. I know it’s the capital city, and has loads of tourists and loads of citizens and all that jazz, but it’s just not fair. I mean technically (apart from the Cornwall thing) I can get to London fairly easily. Not cheaply, by train, but that’s another story (damn you National Rail and your corporate greed). But what about people in Scotland? Or Northern Ireland?

I know this is nothing new, and I also know it’s unlikely to change. But it would be good if organisers considered that people outside of the capital city might want to take advantage of such things without needing to take time off work and remortgage their homes to raise the costs of a return train fare where they’ll probably have to stand all the way home.

Anyway, the tickets apparently sold out within 5 minutes (the only good thing about the whole thing is that it was extremely reasonably priced at just £5 per ticket) so whether I’m away or not makes no difference.

And neither does this post!

Who’s your favourite Friend? Let me know!



Look at Chandler and Joey now!!!!!

Joey and Chandler Friends


3 thoughts on “I’ll be there for you…

  1. EllenL says:

    I am SO close to London but also agree with you about it’s location. Not only is it unfair on those who can’t get there but what about those of us who are just lazy and can’t be arsed traipsing up there!

    Phoebe… “Neslay toooolowse”

    Every situtation in life can be explained/enhanced by a Friends quote! I even included one in my post today…like I’m some psychic internet blog friend who knew you were going to as well! Creepy!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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