A bright lippie from Barry M

I’ve never bought cosmetics from Barry M, only ever nail varnishes but, fancying a bright pink lipstick for summer (a colour I never wear but had a hankering for), a quick scoot of my local Boots revealed that BarryM was the best bet in terms of shade I liked at a reasonable price (accounting for the fact there’s a good chance I wouldn’t wear it again after the first time).

Barry M pink lipstick

It languished in my bag for ages because I kept forgetting about it (and also because I keep reaching for red since discovering the fabulous Natural Collection one) but I finally got round to debuting it last week, and it was a huge success!

Even the husband, who generally doesn’t like bright coloured lippie on me (not that I take any notice at all, obvs) commented on it in the affirmative. High praise indeed.

The shade is 145 (or is it 446? I don’t know!) and it’s really vibrant and summery. I love love LOVE the feel of the tube (fnar); it’s got a rubbery smooth matte-ness about it that I could just sit and stroke (double fnar) although I don’t, because that would be really weird…

Barry M pink lipstick 145

Application is good, staying power is ok, and I’m impressed.

Barry M pink lipstick on my lips

Pink lipstick pose

Pink lipstick funny face

I will be investigating more of Bazza’s make up range forthwith!


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