Some pictures of food. I like food.

I’m off to a barbecue today, so to celebrate a foodie day here are some snaps from my phone of stuff I’ve enjoyed recently.

Weekday lunch – garlic and herb chicken, pastrami, Heinz firecracker sauce and cress in a white tortilla wrap.

Chicken and pastrami wrap

Just fancied a sandwich – pastrami, wholegrain mustard, jalapenos, tomato and jalapeno relish, red onion and iceburg lettuce, on fresh white bread.

Pastrami sandwich

Afternoon snack – British strawberries and blackberries, one of the things I love about summer.

Strawberries and blackberries

Black country chip shop chips!

Black country chips

Weekday lunch – garlic and herb chicken, grated carrot and homemade purple slaw.

Purple slaw carrot and chicken

The perfect burger dressing and accompaniment – white roll with pickles, red jalapenos, blue cheese and garlic sauce, and homemade purple slaw on the side.

Homemade purple slaw and burger toppings

Weekday lunch – peri peri chicken, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and sweetcorn

Piri piri chicken and spinach salad

Iced ring doughnut with hundreds and thousands (guilt free too, because I ate it on a Friday – everyone knows calories don’t count on a Friday)

Iced doughnut

Ginsters scotch egg bar – not gourmet in anyway but absolutely delish!

Scotch egg bar

Mediterranean prawns

Mediterranean prawns

Sweet chilli turkey burgers on big mushrooms with homemade coleslaw and jalapenos

Turkey burgers and corn on the cob

Cocktails in the South of France – OK, technically not food. But good nonetheless! An Old Fashioned for husband and a frozen Strawberry Daquiri for me (read about my trip here, here and here)

Old fashioned

Frozen strawberry daquiri

God, I’m hungry!


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