Actually it’s more about greed, and poor customer service. Which I suppose is pretty twit-ish, when you consider that it’s supposed to be customer service.

I’ve had my new mobile for just over 3 months, and for the past two days it won’t charge properly. I know it’s a problem with the phone as I’ve tried multiple chargers.

So I phoned EE customer service, to receive the standard message that they’re very busy ad it may take a while to answer my call. Yada yada yada. But then, a message that says my call can be put in a priority queue if I pay 50 pence. What? I now have to pay for decent customer service? What happens if everyone who calls pays that 50 pence charge and gets put to the front? Will my call ever get answered?

And then, when I do get through, I’m told that I can either claim on my insurance any pay my excess (er, no) or they’ll give me the number for Samsung and I can take it up with them (er, no) or I can opt for loan and repair, but I need to go into a shop to arrange that. Not easy when I work full time.

Pretty useless really.

So I tweet EE with my displeasure about their consumerist rob dogging 50 pence charge, and (to be fair to them) they tweet me back to say sorry I’m not happy and is there anything they can do to help? So I say yes, you could give me a viable option for fixing my phone as it’s not my fault???



So, EE, you’re a bunch of twits. Who I’m stuck with for 21 months due to being on a 2 year contract. Screw you!


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